One Minute, One Spot with Gabe Holm

Gabe Holm has made his mark with his New England Video Project, entitled "It's about time" in which he unites the talents of Andy Leitermann, Jeff Dalnas, Andrew Smolak, John Williams and Quinn Feldman. Here you can see Gabe himself ripping up a skatepark near his hometown.

One Minute, One Spot with Marc Moreno

It was hard to find the right time for that as i've been busy as hell with changing from Barcelona to another city and working all days a week but it's always good to try and make something so people get juiced to go skate. Put on your skates and go session even if it's for a couple of hours! Oh, i forgot, get a pair of Nimhs and support skater owned companies for a proper future.

One Minute, One Spot with Dan Breuer

One Minute, One Spot is the new hot series on be-mag. People from all over the world want to participate and want to add their own part! And here comes the next contributor: Dan Breuer, 20 years old, from Baltimore, Maryland. Make sure you push that play button.

One Minute, One Spot with Stephen Swain

Rollerblade Pro Stephen Swain amazes everyone with his ability for combining tricks in a way that no one thought possible. We asked him to do a "One Minute, One Spot edit" for us. A week later he came up with this section proofing once again his unique stability on rails, but also his imaginativeness. Keep your eye on this motivated roller who will definitely be blowing up even more in the future.

One Minute, One Spot with Winston Wardwell

I met up with Winston Wardwell on a hot wednesday afternoon in june to film. We had a couple spots in mind for the edit but everywere we went it was just too hot. We took the hour drive down to visit SDSF skate shop and then we made our way to Sunshine distribution. Geoff Acers was kind enough to let us in to the skate park were it just kinda of happened and we had our footage. Winston was talking about true top souling the darkside of ledge the moment we got in there. It turned out be a great day. Thanks be mag! - Steve Henry (editor)

Mukko Realstreet X 2010

Two weeks ago the 10th edition of the Mukko Realstreet comp took place in Finland's capital, Helsinki. Finland's finest as well as different other Rollerbladers from Europe came together to battle it out for the Mukko Realstreet 2010 champion title. Check out the exclusive story by Konsta Kortteinen who is the main organizer of the Mukko competition.

Montreal Classic 2010 review

This past weekend we reported live from the Montreal Classic 2010. Now three days later our Montreal representatives have prepared a full coverage of the action that happened during this epic weekend. You might have seen already Haffey going wild in the REMZ edit. But here we've got some more exclusive action shots and edits. So check this out here and take the next higher dosage.

One Minute, One Spot with Mateusz Kowalski

I went out to take some clips with my homies yet the spot was a bust, we were kicked out 10 minutes after we got there, we didn`t have any more plans. Then I though about the new local skateboarding spot, where usually rollerbladers are not easily let in... we were close to it so we thought we may give it shot. Surprisngly the spot was empty so we could skate it without any problems, the ledge is a little harsh however we had really fun session, check the clip to see what I`m talking about!

MTL Classic 2010 live-update #4: Pro results

There were less Pro Skaters than last year but the level was insane and the crowd didn't believe what they saw!!! The final (I mean the warrior heat): 5 guys in the skate park for 15-20 minutes + 5 minutes more, asked by the crowd. Even if Franco was close to break his arm and his back on a fall, he skated like a beast, throwing his body all over the park, doing its toe grind and strong lines. The two frenchies - as professional as usual - killed the park with their own personal style: Adrien doing switch ups and strong grinds around, Roman with so much ease, spinning hard and high. Jerry Butler showed that he deserved to be a real pro, this guy originally from Cleveland but living in Montreal for 4 years now showed everyone that he was at home. Finally, what can I say about Haffey except that he did few tricks to warm up and that he went eat to come back later to land the strongest trick ever laced in this park. Keep an eye on be-mag and wait for the video edit! - Guillaume

MTL Classic 2010 live-update #3: Amateur results

After a 3 hours Powernap I (Guillaume) took a bus with my camera stock all the way to Jerry Butler's place to meet Nicky Adams, Chris Haffey and of course Jerry. After some early editing and exporting stuff we had breakfast and then headed back to the Skatepark where everybody were already on fire. The Amateur level was much higher than previous year and I promise you'll be afraid by watching the next video edit. The Pro final is in 30 minutes and I'm sure it's gonna be wild. We can already see the Pro burning the skatepark's wood... see ya. - Guillaume Latrompette

Home Contest 5 Gallery

This time, Remy Meister and friends organized their own Micro ramp championship in their appartment. Some stolen wood, some booze, lot of efforts and u get the home contest 5.