MTL Classic 2010 live-update #4: Pro results

There were less Pro Skaters than last year but the level was insane and the crowd didn't believe what they saw!!! The final (I mean the warrior heat): 5 guys in the skate park for 15-20 minutes + 5 minutes more, asked by the crowd. Even if Franco was close to break his arm and his back on a fall, he skated like a beast, throwing his body all over the park, doing its toe grind and strong lines. The two frenchies - as professional as usual - killed the park with their own personal style: Adrien doing switch ups and strong grinds around, Roman with so much ease, spinning hard and high. Jerry Butler showed that he deserved to be a real pro, this guy originally from Cleveland but living in Montreal for 4 years now showed everyone that he was at home. Finally, what can I say about Haffey except that he did few tricks to warm up and that he went eat to come back later to land the strongest trick ever laced in this park. Keep an eye on be-mag and wait for the video edit! - Guillaume

MTL Classic 2010 live-update #3: Amateur results

After a 3 hours Powernap I (Guillaume) took a bus with my camera stock all the way to Jerry Butler's place to meet Nicky Adams, Chris Haffey and of course Jerry. After some early editing and exporting stuff we had breakfast and then headed back to the Skatepark where everybody were already on fire. The Amateur level was much higher than previous year and I promise you'll be afraid by watching the next video edit. The Pro final is in 30 minutes and I'm sure it's gonna be wild. We can already see the Pro burning the skatepark's wood... see ya. - Guillaume Latrompette

Home Contest 5 Gallery

This time, Remy Meister and friends organized their own Micro ramp championship in their appartment. Some stolen wood, some booze, lot of efforts and u get the home contest 5.

COE Interview: Jonas Hansson

The guys from Co.Efficient caught up with Jonas who is currently working on the new video release Traitement for Be-mag. Watch out for the upcoming release.

Photographer Profile: Ryan Schude

Back in the day, Ryan has enriched several Rollerblading Magazines (e.g. Daily Bread) with his one-of-a-kind skateshots. But after Daily Bread went out of business, Ryan somehow dissappeared from the Rolling scene. What the hell has Ryan Schude been up to since that time? That was one of the reasons we had to catch up with this exceptional photographer.

Street Roll Call: The Kevin Dowling Interview

Quoting from the Street Mechanics Apparel blog: "I bet a lot of you didnt see this coming but then again I talked about it for a min now. But he is by far one of the most outspoken, funniest, and realest guys in the game and you don't get as far a Kevin Dowling is without staying real. One of a handful of homies from my era still reppin the game till the death I give you "King Dirty" Kevin Dowling."

Checking in with Photographer Sam DeAngelis

Sam DeAngelis's photography has been popping up a lot lately. If you read online rolling media than you've seen his work shooting the NY and NJ scene. Want to know more about him? So did we, so we checked in, and Sam delivered this nice little interview along with some exclusive shots!

In-The-Know with Robert Guerrero

Robert Guerrero is a supporting pillar in our sport. Almost every Rollerblader out there might have come across his name. In our latest print issue Rob was spotlighted with a big interview. But this was obviously not enough. Our readers still had a lot of questions and interest for this Rollerblading icon that has enriched our sport in so many and different ways! Read on.

Chaz Sands Invite 2010 story

Jordan Maders from the UK just finalized an exclusive Chaz Sands Invitational 2010 edit. But this is not enough since he also gives us an exclusive Be-Mag story about the biggest Rollerblading competition taking place in the UK. Read on and see the comp through the eyes of Jordan Maders.

912crew at the FISE 2010 edit part 5

The 912crew keep churning out edits from the FISE 2010. Here you can see them ripping an outdoor skatepark with Adrien Clairaz in Montpellier as well as some more insights into the FISE action. Keep your eyes peeled for some more action edits coming up on be-mag very soon!

912crew at the FISE 2010

The 912crew from Paris travelled to the FISE 2010 in Montpellier. Greg Mirzoyan (part of the 912crew) takes you on a tour through the FISE skate area here: FISE 2010 by 912TV #04 from 912crew...