Rolling Artist: Vinny Minton

In the second installment of "Rolling Artist" we catch up with one of the most progressive videographers in the biz, Vinny Minton. Vinny talks about his career in cinematography, how he managed to get his name out when he started, sheds light onto key ingredients of good camera work, his work ethics and also draws a detailed picture of what he's up to next. His enthusiasm and high standards of quality reflect in his work and are important components of his success.

Rolling Artist: Ble3k aka Dominic Sagona

Creativity is a big part of our sport and a persons ability to reinvent their skating at every new spot they come to is held in high regards. With our new category "Rolling Artist", Be-Mag tries to shed light onto the various forms skaters express their creativity in other areas than skating. Dominic Sagona found some time to talk about his passion for Drum 'n' Bass with us while he stayed in Spain at Powerhouse.