Roskilde 2013 – Chapter 6 – When The Music’s Over

Wondering where in the hell we've been? Well, we've been really busy in the earthly paradise known as Roskilde, enjoying the non-stop concerts & never-ending party. And when it all did stop eventually, we rode way too many trains and slept way too few hours in order to make it back home in one piece, exhausted but the happiest we've been in a long time nonetheless!

Roskilde 2013 – Chapter 5 – Still Having Fun

Now that the blading shows are officially over, you might think there isn't much for us to do here in Roskilde. And you couldn't be more wrong, as the real fun has just begun. What could actually be more exciting than 4 more days of partying all over the place, with an almost endless line-up of artists covering all genres of the entire music spectrum playing concerts in some of the most amazing stages ever built on Earth? You're right: probably nothing.

Roskilde 2013 – Chapter 4 – Over And In

Roskilde 2013 is only about to get started, and hangovers are getting worst. Nothing that a morning bowl session and some astronaut food can't cure, though. Needless to say, I'd rather attend the sound checks that are taking over the festival area, than sit in this crowded container, but here we are, back at it again. Hard to keep the focus when so many things are going on outside, but the vert show was too awesome not to let you know about that first!

Roskilde 2013 – Chapter 3 – Lost In Transition

And here we go for another hungover update from Roskilde Festival. Despite a wild night of partying, the energy is really high still, and everyone's looking forward to the vert show this afternoon, which we might as well call the "Eito Show". While we're all waiting for the forecast to improve, for now it's time to catch up with yesterday's bowl contest: read on!

Roskilde 2013 – Chapter 2 – Muddy Waters

Eyes wide open, 6 in the morning, I wonder what the people behind the wheel think of us campers as their cars roll by on the freeway. Truckers horn as I stand amidst the tents in the gray Nordic light. Could be interpreted as either a sign of mockery, or a proof of their sympathy, but standing there won't help me find out which option is actually true, thus I move on with my day. It's our 2nd morning in Roskilde, and there's some stuff happening on the street course today.

Roskilde 2013 – Chapter 1 – Where The Magic Happens

Morning – Temperature is way low but heavy alcohol consumption helped everyone sleep through the cold until late. There's fresh coffee for everyone to nurse their hangovers, and soon enough the crew starts shredding the bowl and street course. It's Day One in Roskilde, the place is already trashed, but everybody is ready to roll. Before the actual shows start on Monday, today we'll take over the streets of the city for the first SRSC of the season.

Roskilde 2013 – Chapter 0 – An Introduction

Berlin - It's 9AM and I crack open the first beer of the day. Excitement is really high and I haven't slept much, woke up way too early with crazy dreams about Denmark. The fastest bowl in Europe, one sick crew of bladers, a week-long party with beautiful girls everywhere, and some of the best music you'd want to hear... Countless fantasies, and more than enough to get anybody just as excited as I am, sipping on some Czech imported Budweiser to cool myself down as I wait for the rest of the crew.