Australian Rolling Open 2010

The Australian Rolling Open 2010 (WRS 3-Star event) will take place this upcoming saturday, April 17th 2010, in Adelaide (South Australia).For more information about the competition, head over to the...

East Side Jam 2010 Lublin

East Side Jam Lublin is a rollerblading contest which gathers spectators and rollerbladers from whole Poland – amateurs and professionals. Slowly the event is becoming an annual competition with constantly growing interest of people connected with aggressive skating as well as respect from people beyond the rollerblading industry. It is an extraordinary event with awesome vibe and one of a kind Lublin`s atmosphere.

The NL Contest 5

The NL Contest 5 will take place on may 22th and 23th 2010 at the Rotonde skate park in Strasbourg. The NL contest is an international contest of rollerblading, Biking and Skateboarding. More than just...

VLC Open 2010

On May 29th 2010 there will be a huge Rollerblading contest in Valencia. The VLC Freestyle skating club, together with more than 20 sponsors, organizes an important rollerblading event in the city of...

Panhandle Pow Wow 2010

The panhandle Pow Wow 2010 (5-star WRS-event) will take place on April 10th at X-Park (Pensacola, Florida). Get your trip planned now. For more information regarding the schedule, please head over to their...

Bitter Cold Showdown 2010

The Bitter Cold Showdown started in 2001 at Blindside Sports in Elkhart, IN as a small rollerblading video premiere, contest and trade show. It has grown to become one of the largest gatherings in the world for the rollerblading community. Our goals since the beginning was to develop an event that was self-sustained by its sponsors and allowed everyone attending access to all activities. Currently, the trade show pays for all costs surrounding the event, which allows 100% of admissions to be used as prize money. In 2009, 264 rollerbladers competed for the Bitter Cold Showdown title.

Pony Cup 2010

Pony Cup is a 6 year old annual skatepark competition in Nykøbing Falster, Denmark. It is one of the largest and most popular rollerblade events in scandinavia. With a newly renovated skatepark, there are plenty of new lines and opportunities for a great day.