Nocturnus 2013 in Hasselt, Belgium

The Nocturnus staff Bram Baptist, Jeroen Swerts, Luuk Eerens and Wim Bynens invite everyone to the infamous Nocturnus event in Hasselt, Belgium again, providing a good time for bladers from all over for the past seven years. This is a session not to miss!

Skate! Seattle in Seattle, USA

Skate! Seattle will be held on June 21-23, 2013. Sponsored by Shop//Task USA and Seba USA. Organized by a long time aggressive skater and a top-ranking professional freestyle slalom skater, they are combining different events of skating all in one weekend in the Pacific Northwest: Freestyle Slalom, Skate Cross, and Skatepark. Join them as they take over the city of Seattle on inline skates!

The Oak City SS Takeover in Raleigh, USA

Southern Scum will be in Raleigh, North Carolina for an Oak City SS Takeover jaunce in collaboration with Oak City Skateshop for a meet, greet, blade, and BBQ. Sunday we will be out and about trying to snag a few deals for a future product. But for the most part this one is simply for the fans.