BCSD Photo Update 5 – Friday Night Qualifiers

The part about updating from an event like this that people don't see is the hours of monotonous work - like Kris Troyer sorting through the hundreds of photos he took last night for the BCSD Qualifiers. But, hey, there are much worse gigs in life... Enjoy!

Vibralux-team at the BCSD

The Vibralux-team represent at this year's BCSD. Adam just put together a sweet edit showing his riders in the BCSD-park and also announcing special deals for those who can't make it to the BCSD X this year....

The Faces of BCSD

Everyone's here at BCSD! Ok, everyone except the European guys whose flights got cancelled because NYC shut down in a snowstorm... But almost everyone is here and Drew Humphrey shot a great serious of random "hello's" from some of rolling's finest!

Mark Korte – Bitter Cold Showdown Interview

One of the great things about a major competition/tradeshow like Bitter Cold is that everyone is here! Pretty much every pro, up-and-coming am, and industry head is in attendance. Mark Korte, who runs things over at Powerslide and the Conference, was kind enough to sit down for a few minutes and share his thoughts on the USD All-Star Team, skate technology, and a few other topics...

BCSD Photo Update 1 – Friday

BCSD X is under way! The park opened for session at noon, the pros and companies are arriving and the park is already being destroyed with tricks! Here are a few iPhone photos for everyone. Be-Mag's media team has arrived now for the most part and we'll be getting proper updates coming very soon! -B

Razors Pro Skater: Mike “Murda” Johnson

Razors proudly showcases their long-time Team Pro Mike "Murda" Johnson. Even though you haven't seen much of "Murda" lately his technique in Rollerblading is still unbeatable. Just watch this...

Team TRS at WinterClash Berlin 2010

Team TRS has also pushed the envelope at this year's Winterclash. Here you can see an edit featuring exclusively the Rollerblade team athletes. The last 30 seconds are fully dedicated to Sven...

Winter Wonderland Tour day 8

Check the tour-update (provided by x-crews.net) from the Winter Wonderland Tour with Jeff Stockwell and Worapoj Boonnim in Barcelona: Winter Wonderland Tour day 8 from x-Crews.net on...

Shred Til You’re Dead-Erik Bailey

Last year five of the world's best skaters, such as Chris Haffey, Erik Bailey, Jeff Stockwell, Victor Arias and Brandon Smith shred though a two-week, 3,000-mile tour of skate parks in Northern California,...

Introducing… Tad John Tregeagle

I ran into Tad for the first time at a local skatepark I used to skate by myself while I was going to college. I had skated that park for months without ever seeing another rollerblader. It took me by surprise when I showed up and there were bladers there that killed it, yet I had never met them before.

New Intuition Brandon The Bulldog Campbell shirt at BCSD X

Brandon Campbell infamously once said, "Comebacks are for athletes. I am not an athlete, I am a bulldog." Intuition Skate Shop is proud to present 'The Bulldog' shirt, exclusively premiering at BCSD X. Featuring original artwork by the legendary Jeremy 'Deathbed' Beightol, inspired by the iconic rollerblading and personality of Brandon Campbell, printed on American Apparel shirts, and limited to just 100 pieces, this shirt is a must have for any B CAM fan.

Chris Haffey introduce FISE Expérience Paris

As we have already shown, Chris Haffey and Kato toured through some cities in Europe during the week following the Winterclash, promoting the forthcoming release of the Remz Chris Haffey 2.0 skate. Their promo...

Rampworx at Winterclash 2010

Winterclash edits are popping out everywhere. And they get better and better. Here we've just spotted this work of art by Simon Mulvaney (from Rampworx in England) illustrating the unique vibe of the event at...

Bitter Cold Showdown X!

Bitter Cold Showdown is already living up to its name; a damn cold and snowy drive out to Detroit but finally here and ready to rock the event coverage for all of you who won't be able to make it! -B

Jochen Smuda Interview + UCON Spring Collection Preview

UCON never ceases to amaze us with each new line. Recently we met them at Winterclash where they talked about their ideas, what has changed and where they are heading. Oh, and they also showed us all their new goods! We were, of course, really impressed with the huge new line and all the detailing and extra work they put into their products. UCON is definitely on another level with their collection, their focus on quality and their constant push to include their ideas with each new latest line. Enjoy some some pics of the new line below along with a quick interview we did with Jochen for the launch of this line. -Michael Bayr