Weekend in Memphis

On the 4th of July Zach tierce, Taylor Popham, Hunter Harper and Quintin Lamb shredded Memphis. Here is a documentation of the things and tricks that happened during that weekend.

USD Presents – Alex Burston

Alex Burston is 2010’s biggest up and comer. Alex anihilated Spain on the Show of Force Tour and less than a month later and 2 further edits down he has demonstrated himself as one of the best skaters on...

Rocky Mountain High

Rocky Mountain High is a rollerblading edit by Hawke Trackler of a road trip to Colorado with Paul Stewart, Kyle Wood, Nate Szana and Daniel PowellThey went to all kinds of parks and skated with all the...

Introducing Chris Calkins and Sean Knight by A Chosen Few (part 1)

It's easy to find good skaters, it's hard to find great skaters and it's nearly impossible to find great skaters that are determined enough to do A Chosen Few section or profile. These skaters who you will see updates from over the next weeks are all the skaters doing sections or profiles for ACHOSEN-FEW.COM. Each skater was very carefully chosen to do one of these sections or profiles. No skaters section or profile will be released until it has reached the Chosen Few Standard which is set dangerously high. I want every skater who has a Chosen Few section or profile to do something big for their skate career. I also want them to remember this section above all others and make sure that they know if they can conquer a Chosen Few section or profile they can conquer anything. - Quinn Feldman

Edwin Wieringh Razors podcast

As most of you might have noticed the Dutch soccer team advanced to the FIFA World Cup Final. If there is a World Cup in Rollerblading we are sure Edwin would make it to the final as well. This edit is just another testimony for this.

Rob G in Europe

Rob G has been travelling through Europe some weeks ago to shred some spots and meet up with some old friends. By watching this edit there's no doubt why Rob gets props from all the Skate Pros worldwide that look up to him and the Rollerblading industry alike. Enjoy this masterpiece!

Walter Sanchez Profile`10

Even faster than Speedy Gonzalez comes Walter Sanchez from Mexico with this sweet profile from 2010. To keep you updated all around the world we always keep an eye on every country so you won´t miss...

Mike Wagner skating Mr. Smalls skatepark

Stefan Brandow just posted up this edit in which Mike Wagner is skating his local skatepark, the Mr. Smalls skatepark. Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for some more Mike Wagner coverage in the next months.

“Summer In The Zoo” – Brian Weis & Mikey Blair

"Summer In The Zoo" is a video (filmed by Ryan Grau, with help from other contributing filmer's, who will be listed in the credits) made from all of the clips captured last summer, and some of this summer. This video features profiles on Chris Couture, Markus Graham, Nate VonDeak, Chase Maser, Ryan Grau, and a shared section featuring Brian Weis & Mikey Blair which you can view below. This will be a online movie, with one section put up a week. After that will come the intro, and credits / bloopers & falls. Also a montage will be put up somewhere in the middle, with a lot of Michigan Bladers, skating KZoo, and wherever else. Ryan will also be putting this on DVD if anyone is interested.

Holy Park “UPESLOKI” Opening Party

Last weekend a new skatepark, the UPESLOKI Skatepark, was inaugurated. Throughout the day there were competitions for Rollerbladers, Skateboarders, BMX and MTB. Nils Jansons (1st place) and Almants...

Mundo Urbano – Skating with Maria

This is an awesome edit from some styleeh guys skating in Brazil. It´s impressive to see those guys skating in slow motion with the faboulus effects. Such a warm vibe, enjoy...