Nicolas Auroux 2008 profile

Nicolas Auroux knows how to tackle the grimy spots. If you are looking for a real street section, then this is the one you need to watch. Enjoy it.

Summer In The Zoo – Chris Couture

Chris Couture is always on fire, he´s making local contests and pushing his buddys in his selfmade video called "Summer In The Zoo". Here we´ve got his Pofile from that great video....

Johannes Zenk: Bulgaria Trip

In August 2009 Jo (Johannes) and his girlfriend went on a one month trip to bulgaria. Jo totally fell in love with the country, its cities and especially the people. They already booked their flights for August 2010 to be there another month. The two parts you can see here features what went down during Jo's one month trip: Halfpipe-Competition, Street-Skating, Skaters from all over the place as well as some nice scenery clips. Have a closer look.

Young Gun – Frederic Bukowski

We are proud to announce the first teamrider of the well known Pari-Multi-Glisse association. The PMG is a French rollerblading association which is doing it´s best to push freestyle - skating with...

RSC OSLO 2010 edit

We recently featured an article about the RSC OSLO 2010. Now you can also view a nice edit from the...

Kendall & Jaysin-Allen Skatepark

Check out this quick day edit put together by Kendall and Jaysin with everything they were able to film during an hour at Allen Skatepark - with 105 degree heat.

Lee Devereux comeback section

We just received some great news! Lee Devereux is back on TheConference. In this edit Lee is killing it like he has never done something else in his life. No feat to tackle the big stuff. Welcome back!

Ian Freunscht – 48 Hours In Dallas

I met Ian Freunscht while I lived in San Antonio for about 7 years.He was in his mid-teens when I first saw him skate. I always saw potential in his skating abilities because of how hard and fast he would shred. These two ingredients are a necessity if you want to stand out in my book.

Nomades tour update part 2: Hello Madrid!

Right after the fourth day of sessioning in Lisbon, we drove to Madrid even though we had a sleepless night in the van. We arrived in Madrid early in the morning. And the early beauty of the city amazed us all. No more time to slobber over Spain's capital, it was time to find a hotel for the night.

Weekly Southern Section #9

Here we`ve got another montage from the Southern Legacy out of their Radius Media Issue 1 back in 2006. Rob Thomson, Mark Wojda, Charles Dunkle and many more guys are going...

Trevor Johnson Remz Flow File #2

So we met up with Trevor at the Maloof park in queens to warm up before filming for his upcoming section in our video Fitted and we decided to film a Mini Remz Flow File Edit. This Guy is definitely a...


No doubt John Bolino is steady coming up with amazing footage. Whereever he goes, whatever he skates - be sure he will destroy it! Massive gaps, 720 like nothing, waisthigh fishbrains, switch ups that were never done before both regular and switch...he won't stop entertaining his worldwide audience.