Fardamatti Unofficial video

On July 24th the Fardamatti Invitational Contest will take place in San Marino. Take a look at the venue they are preparing for the contest.

Try 2 Roll Festival 2010

The Try 2 Roll Festival will take place on August 21st in Allgäu / Kempten. There will be a massive Megaramp with a Big Air Contest as well as a Streetpark Contest where you can earn points towards the...

Stephan de Freitas and Diego Guilloud

Switzerland has some great talents. You might have seen this already at the Winterclash 2010. Place 1 - 3 in the Amateur Comp were taken by Swiss Rollers. Here we've got two of them (Stephan de Freitas and Diego Guilloud) pushing again the envelope on the streets.

Conference-Customs 2010

On the Conference-Page you have the possibility to virtually create your unique skate. The Conference custom tool is a toy you can spend hours with finding the ultmiate set-up. Check out the commercial below.

Brian Aragon on German TV

Yesterday (July 8th) the Razors International Pro Team visited the Duisburg-Skatepark for a "Meet and Greet" session. A lot of local rollers came out to skate with Brian Aragon, Chaz Sands, Stephan Horngacher and Edwin Wieringh. But also the German Media (TV and Print) showed to get the current World Champion in front of their lenses.

1st stop Mind The Gap – Breakfest Festival (June 19th)

The first MTG stop was held at an urban lifestyle festival in the south of Holland, near the German border. The location is the Megaland which is in the city Landgraaf. The festival exposes different lifestyles such as: Beat-boxing, Graffiti, Skateboarding, BMXing and of course Rollerblading. Unique at this year's festival is the fact that the Mind the Gap will also host an BMX contest on its setup. Mind the Gap couldn’t have a better festival to start this year’s tour.

Weekend in Memphis

On the 4th of July Zach tierce, Taylor Popham, Hunter Harper and Quintin Lamb shredded Memphis. Here is a documentation of the things and tricks that happened during that weekend.

USD Presents – Alex Burston

Alex Burston is 2010’s biggest up and comer. Alex anihilated Spain on the Show of Force Tour and less than a month later and 2 further edits down he has demonstrated himself as one of the best skaters on...