SRSC Copenhagen 2010

The SRSC Copenhagen took place last weekend. Skaters from all over Scandinavia as well as some US-celebrities (Demetrious George and Billy O'Neill) attended this traditional Realstreet event and skated their ass off. Check out the edit and the pictures (taken by Kenneth Nguyen).

Check in with Pat Leal

Anthony Medina caught up with Austin's finest Pat Leal to talk about the past and the future. Pat has some interesting statement and of course an ass kicking edit to come up with. Continue reading.

Old man sesh round 2

Beau Cottington gets all the old schoolers and new schoolers together again for a BBQ/session at OB skatepark June 26th 2010. You really wanna see that edit as it unites some true Rollerblading icons.

Bruno Loewe comeback?

It seems like we have another old-schooler back in the game! This time it's Bruno Loewe, a former xgames gold medallist. Robert Guerrero and Gregor Mirzoyan recently visited Bruno in Munich. So they all together went to the Linz Skatepark for a chilled session. Here you can see Bruno ripping up the park with his new Rollerblades.

Chris Haffey Jugs commercial

Take your time to watch the Chris Haffey Jug commercial in which you can also see Chris shredding the Razors Warehouse ledge. Chris is now back from Australia and ready to hit all the big upcoming contests.

KSPS 2010 edit

Check out this edit featuring the KSPS 2010 action. Congratulations from Be-Mag for holding down such a nice event.

SRSC 2010 Scandinavian Champ

Olav Norheim from Trondheim (Norway) took the Scandinavian title 2010 at the final in Kopenhagen past Saturday. Keep your eyes peeled for some more coverage from the SRSC Final 2010.

New Xsjado website + new Stockwell edit

Surprise! TheConference just launched a brand new Xsjado website. And here we've got an exclusive new Jeff Stockwell and Billy O'Neill edit. Hands up for those guys that are just way too good! Endless style,...

Miniramp Masters Tourstop Münster edit

The SAG (Skate Association Germany) organizes the Grindhouse Miniramp Masters series in Germany. They had their first stop in Muenster some weeks ago. A lot of people came out to compete.

Chance Bentley Nimh Edit

Bakerized Nimh Flow rider edit of Chance Bentley from Deleware, Ohio. Edited by Anthony Gardner (AGinc). He also rides for Illminded Streetware. Chance Bentley Nimh Edit from Rat Tail Army on...

Cool’n out in NY: Alex Ryerson

Alex Ryerson comes up with this nice edit in which he skates some hot spots in Brooklyn and Queens. Apparently, New York has a special charme for Rollerbladers. Is this due to their spots or to the skaters and organizations (such as IrollNY) that are pushing the envelope there? The scene is definitely growing fast. Keep your eyes peeled for some more New York footage in the next weeks and months.

Shred Til You’re Dead- Brandon Smith

Last year Chris Haffey, Erik Bailey, Jeff Stockwell, Victor Arias, and Brandon Smith embarked on a 3,000-mile tour of skate parks in Northern California, Oregon and Idaho, entitled the "Shred Till You're Dead" tour! Tour filmer Ivan Narez created an amazing Tour DVD consisting of seven chapters as well as profiles of all Tour-members that can be viewed online.

Kendall Ware 2010 Edit

New edit featuring Kendall Ware. This edit was made to get rid of his old GL2 clips. Enjoy. Kendall Ware-2010 Online Profile from Kendall Ware on...