Radek Kojtych

Check out this badass Canis Latrans profile of Radek Kojtych from Poland! As you can see in this edit Radek is able to shred all kinds of terrains. Lean back and enjoy this nice video piece!

Regina reunion edit

Regina's finest shredders including Richie Eisler, Dustin Werbeski, Dan and Devon recently came together for a quick session. Check out this edit by Brad Brown featuring their reunion and some skating.

In The Dark by Kyle Couture

Kyle Couture has created this online documentary about that thing we all love: Rollerblading. Check it out and see what some of the best rollerbladers from the east coast and the world including Andrew Smolak, Brian Long, Dylan Shippee, Gabe Holm, Jeff Dalnas, John O' Donnell, Keegan Smith, Mark Wojda, Mo Marzuq, Ross Anthony, Taylor Green, Tim Kelly and more think about Rollerblading! Great watch!

2 Much Flavor Teaser

Short teaser for the upcoming flick 2 Much Flavor, though the name is far from original, the handflips add some spice to it.

Kareem Shehab Fixie Edit

Besides being an amazing skater, Kareem is also a fixie addict. Check out this edit of him, he was just added to the Blood Fam roster. Watch out for his interview in the upcoming issue of Be-mag.

An Oval Edit

Dan Knapmiller posted this edit featuring Aaron Peterson, Brett Dasovic, Jeph Howard, Nick Dahlen, Gunnar Gray and himself skating the Roseville Oval.