Fise Final edit by 912 crew

Every year the FISE takes place the best skaters from all around head to Montpellier to join this mega event! The FISE is that type of event that provides some absolutely spectacular skating in front of a massive crowd (10 000 people)! The 912 crew knows how to depict the contest vibe into an edit.

Patrick Ridder sessioning with Jon Julio

Some days ago Jon Julio visited Patrick Ridder in Mannheim (Germany). And of course they went to Ridder's local skatepark to have a quick session together! Get a taste of another Valo quality edit now.

Show of Force: The Conclusion

The Conference just posted the final edit from the Show of Force tour that hit Spain the last weeks. Definitely check this one out, lots of hammers...

Quick hits with Dustin Latimer

Legend and crowd-pleaser Dustin Latimer decided to enlighten us with some of his classy airs filmed at Mesa Park in Arizona! We all agree: We want to see more of Dustin Latimer! Keep your eyes peeled!

The different sides of Adam Kola

Usually you can find Adam Kola working behind the camera. In this short compilation you can see the different sides of Adam in front of the camera.Check it out here. We recently featured a bigger article...

Barcelona 2010 edit

Here we go with a brand new edit featuring Salim Zenkhri, Michael Hartwell, Greg Polony, Corentin Van Dongen and Geoffroy Dubreuil shredding it up in Barcelona. <object width="670"...

Barcelona 2010 Edit

Here we go with a brand new Edit featuring Salim Zenkhri, Michael Hartwell, Greg Polony, Corentin Van Dongen and Geoffroy Dubreuil they were shreddin hard during their visit in Barcelona. BCN...

Radek Kojtych

Check out this badass Canis Latrans profile of Radek Kojtych from Poland! As you can see in this edit Radek is able to shred all kinds of terrains. Lean back and enjoy this nice video piece!

Regina reunion edit

Regina's finest shredders including Richie Eisler, Dustin Werbeski, Dan and Devon recently came together for a quick session. Check out this edit by Brad Brown featuring their reunion and some skating.

In The Dark by Kyle Couture

Kyle Couture has created this online documentary about that thing we all love: Rollerblading. Check it out and see what some of the best rollerbladers from the east coast and the world including Andrew Smolak, Brian Long, Dylan Shippee, Gabe Holm, Jeff Dalnas, John O' Donnell, Keegan Smith, Mark Wojda, Mo Marzuq, Ross Anthony, Taylor Green, Tim Kelly and more think about Rollerblading! Great watch!