Editorial Publishers | Founders
Michael Bayr 
([email protected])
Stefan Kalt ([email protected])

Editor In Chief
Kevin Little ([email protected])

Photo Editor | Art Direction
Jonathan Labez ([email protected])

Associate Editor
Megan Petersen ([email protected])

Senior Columnist
Frank Stoner

Contributing Editors
Josip Jagić
 ([email protected])
Freddy White ([email protected])

Staff Photographers
Jonathan Labez

Megan Petersen

Website Design
Matthew Dearden (@mdearden)

Michael Bayr
([email protected])

Be-Mag Shop Address
SkatePro Aps
Omega 6
8382 Hinnerup

Publisher’s Office:
BE Media, Consulting Commerce GmbH
Mohsgasse 30 / 1 / 56
1030 Vienna

Be-Mag Print Magazine was founded in 2001 by Jonn Rübcke, Michael Bayr, Martin Fussen-egger and Stefan Kalt.