Founder & Publisher

Co-founder and Publisher of the oldest rollerblading magazine, founded in 1996. We began as an email newsletter and went on to have the largest action sports messageboard in the early internet. From 2001-2014 we released 42 print issues covering every facet of blading life and politics. We filmed 4 full-length skate videos in that same timeframe. Since 2015, we became an all digital magazine that has kept up the rebellious spirit of our early days. We are the infamous Be-Mag.

Photo Editor | Art Director

Photo Editor and Art Director at Be-Mag. LA photographer with a background in public relations and writing. BA in Literature from University of California, Santa Cruz. Owner of several loud cats. Strapping up since 1998.

Editor In Chief

Owner of Sic Urethane, organizer for Donate and Skate, Editor at Rollerblading fanatic since 1995.

Editor At Large

Ryan Loewy is based in New York City and has been photographing, writing and producing stories on rollerblading for a decade.

Associate Editor

Associate Editor at Be-Mag. I'm based out of north Texas. My obsession with rollerblading began in 1999 and Isn't going away anytime soon.