Photos by Eric Palmer
Edit by Chris van der Merwe

Name: Earl Abrahams
Age: 25
Hometown: Cape Town, Bonteheuwel
Sponsors: SonSk8
Favorite skate event: My Culture Resurrection Jam, in Johannesburg
Current set-up: Valo, AB.1. Ground Control frames and undercover wheels
Good advice you’ve been given: Skate because you love it
Worst injury so far: Broke my ankle which put me out for 2 years
One thing you would spent one million dollar/ euro for: I would build a multipurpose centre in my community for the youth to enjoy skating and other sports
One thing that makes you really angry: When men abuse woman
Reasons to smile: The fact that everyday’s a brand new day that God gives us to enjoy


Name: Chris van der Merwe
Age: 26
Hometown: Cape Town, South Africa
Sponsors: Xsjado, Roll1, Son Skate
Favorite skate event: Asian X-Games
Current set-up: Xsjado Stockwell blue, GC Frames, UC wheels
Best rolling edit you have seen in 2010 so far: That parkour/roll edit was sick
Good advice you’ve been given: Follow the truth
Bad habit: Blowing my nose like an elephant, haha
Worst injury so far: Pulled a muscle in my leg in my first trick at Asian X
One thing you would spent one million dollar/ euro for: A big indoor/outdoor skatepark plaza in my town
One thing that makes you really angry: I try not to get angry…….smiley face
Reasons to smile: Seeing the miracle of the sun rising everyday!
Your favorite skater from back in the day: Jaren Grob
Skater of the year so far: Woorapoj Boonim

One Min One Spot with Chris van der Merwe and Earl Abrahams from South Africa from Be-Mag on Vimeo.

More info about the Sputh Africa rolling scene here: