Ground Control DVD Premiere at Rampworx Skatepark in Liverpool, UK

Starring Brian Aragon, Joey Chase, Julian Bah, Chaz Sands, Damien Wilson, Gabriel Hyden, Alex Burston and Nils Jansons.

Also featuring Dre Powell, Stefan Horngacher, Sammy Chase, Yuri Botelho, Mathias Silhan, Lyle Shivak, Kåre Lindberg, Marc Moreno, Dominik Wagner, Andrew Jaccuzi, Keaton Newsom, David Andrews, Derek Henderson, Chris Haffey, Michael Braud.

Produced by Jon Elliott

Come and skate at the park for a fun session and watch this epic DVD with us upstairs in the viewing room at 8pm!

Check out the trailer: 


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