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      Hi everyone,
      I am having Canon 5 d
      Canon lenses
      Filmcity camera support shoulder rig
      Flycam 3000 stabilizer
      Carbon fiber tripod
      On-camera led lights


        Just got a Nikkor 85mm f/1.8 AF on eBay for $225 shipped.

        It was kind of dusty, and it sounded real gritty when I mounted it to my D700. The focus was off when I was testing the lens, usually front focusing pretty bad, with the occasional back focus. Never accurate focus.

        The gritty sound was coming from the AF contacts on the lens. It looked like the previous owner had perhaps cracked the plastic near the contacts, and tried super gluing the plastic. Maybe 6mm long.

        I shook the lens to hear if anything was loose, and it sounded OK.

        I took off a few screws and inspected the cracked area, and a small piece of plastic fell off from near one of the contacts. I could see circuitry through a 1mm x 1mm hole, and thought "Shit, I gotta send this back for a refund." Put the screws back in, cleaned the front and back elements really well, and the lens filter, too.

        Re-mounted the lens, and it was no longer gritty. Huh. Re-tested the lens for over an hour, and it was perfect.

        Guess I'll keep it, but I think this is the last time I buy a lens off eBay


          how ironic I have that same setup unfortunately you usually have to customize a bit more for more advanced filters yes I like to film a lot but I'd rather go skating so I guess it's a trade-off


            Haven't posted in a long time.

            Ditched my DSLR stuff (7d, 5Dmkii, various lenses)
            Bought an HVX-200 from a friend about a year and a half ago, and a Century MKii that I frankensteined an adapter ring on. Just recently got a pretty much brand new VX-2000 that has been sitting in a box at my office for like 15 years fo' free . Bought a Raynox MX-2000 and a weird Sony wide angle and frankensteined them into a "Raymod" fisheye. Still need to get out and test it. Still have a Cinevate Duzi slider, Glidecam HD-2000, Zoom H4n, Olympus DM-620 and a matchstick lapel that have been in a bin for over a year now.


              Im a blader, but simultaneously a nerd.

              my setup is...

              Sony pd-150

              Victor (JVC) gr-dv3000

              Victor gr-dva20k (not sure of the JVC international iteration model)

              Victor gr-dx117

              and lastly, my personal favorite of my acquisitions.

              Maclord National NV-M1 VHS camcorder, circa 1985 (x2) (Panasonic)

              Essentially a VCR with a lens, and a shoulder mount. Can actually watch any VHS through the view finder.
              They dont make em like they used ta... the zoom on these is quite impressive. can mechanically zoom (super slowly) with a button or manually dial it in.

              I repair electronics and bought most everything "broken" from japan to repair it.

              Now people are probably noticing my lack of lenses.
              I actually could use advice on that....
              Do I need a fisheye?

              If so, how would I figure out what size depending on the camera?
              Whenever I have tried to look I am confused because I only find lenses for specific cameras, never a universal description. only "fisheye for such&such camera". I would really like to get a fisheye for 1 of the NV-M1's, because it only has a view finder, so only stationary shots would work I imagine.

              What about mics? my pd150 is lacking a mic like what is pictured. Should I just get any mic, or?

              Ive always been a blader, I dont have much experience with filming. I dont have people to skate with either really.
              So considering that, I imagine a tripod of some sort would be useful. what is the best route for that?

              thanks for any advice in advance.
              I have been blading since 2003, but never filmed anything. Starting to feel like I better film something before I cant anymore and its relegated to memory.

              also any advice on anything else is welcome and appreciated. I definitely would like to get more into filming and editing.


                Since I am still in school and am enrolled in a video production class, I just ordered:
                Nikon D810
                Tokina 16-28mm f/2.8 AT-X PRO
                Manfrotto 3063 fluid head
                SanDisk Extreme 128GB CF

                I've been learning to use After Effects and have been doing some fun animation work lately. I should have some video work to share in the Post your Work thread in a few months.

                Not that anyone cares, this thread is fucking dead lately


                  Nice Vince! Have you seen the new Nikon mirrorless cams? The Z6 and Z7? Pretty slick, a big step up for video for Nikon.

                  I switched to Sony with the A7III back in the spring, from the Panasonic G85. I wanted to go full-frame for photo, and to start messing with video autofocus. Pretty happy with it so far. Video is great and the photo quality seems unreal to me.

                  -Rode VideoMicro
                  -SmallRig cage/rods/handle
                  -Tamron 28-75mm f2.8
                  -Tokina 10-17mm fisheye
                  -various old Nikon and Minolta manual lenses


                    The Z series looks pretty sweet but the F mount adapter won't autofocus with anything that isn't AF-S. I have several AF-D lenses that would be manual focus only. I was considering the Z 6 a few weeks ago but I didn't want to have to invest in new lenses when the ones I have are solid.

                    how do you like the Rode VideoMicro?


                      Ah, yea, forgot that the adapter doesn't have the screw-drive AF motor.

                      The Micro is really pretty great for what it is, a cheap basic on-camera mic. I sold off a couple of VideoMic Pros I had after I got it, as it was doing just as good of a job for skating stuff and was smaller, and doesn't need a battery, and is cheap enough that if it gets kicked off my camera it's not a big deal. It also has almost no pickup/sensitivity to the rear, which is great for skate filming as it doesn't pick up as much of me/my skates when filming lines as the Pros did.

                      I bought a Sony hotshoe XLR adapter for doing "real" audio on paying jobs, haven't needed it yet but eventually I'd like to get a decent shotgun and a wireless lav system. $$$$ tho!


                        I just bought the Micro today with the deadcat windscreen for $50 shipped, thanks for the insight. The on-camera mic for the D810 picks up my breathing and it's good to know that the Pro version picks up sounds to the rear.

                        Also picked up a great condition used Glidecam 2000 Pro from a pawn shop in Pennsylvania for $45 on eBay, and a new Manfrotto 577 quick release plate for $35. Even if I end up not liking the Glidecam, I can sell it for well over $100 on eBay.

                        Also got a new 2-pack of Lexar Pro 128GB 1066x CF cards for $140 shipped.

                        Fuck me, I gotta stop spending money. Thank God for 0% interest credit cards with no balance transfer fees for 6 months!


                          My GAS is real. Goddamn.

                          Today's purchase:
                          Lilliput A7S 7" field monitor
                          Tascam DR-40 audio recorder
                          Desmond dual camera bracket mount