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Book recommendation thread volume 2.

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    Book recommendation thread volume 2.

    So I made a thread at the start of the summer asking for book recomendations and it twas quite fruitful. After plowing my way through a whole stack I want MOAR. Preferably non-fiction although just fire your lists these ways and I'lllook into them.

    P.s. Big shout out to ma nigga Gatsby who recommended Guns, germs and steel in the last thread....

    The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (although the sequels are better) [Fiction]
    A Long Way Gone (Non-fiction)
    Beasts of No Nation (Non-fiction)

    Hope it helps!
    Originally posted by Quark
    You're a pathetic has-been that can't stand the fact that your friends are stilling living the life you wish you could have.


      mark vonnegut - the eden express


        I think I recommended that but he may have beat me to it. Read his other books if you really liked that one, The Third Chimpanzee and Collapse. Both are almost if not just as awesome as Guns, Germs, and Steel.

        Sadly, there is far more to life than rollerblading.


          if you liked "guns, germs, and steel", check out "collapse", also by jared diamond

          also in the non fiction department;

          "the omnivore's dilemma" - michael pollan

          "under the banner of heaven" - jon krakauer

          actually, anything by jon krakauer

          "the future of life" - forget the author's name, but its basically a gorgeous explanation of ecology and the interconnectedness of life on earth and our role in it


            Take a break from all the heavy reading and enjoy a David Sedaris book. I finished this for the second time (havent read it in 7-8 years) and its hilarious


              the dirt: the motley crue autobiography


                Harry Potter collection

                Originally posted by BMV
                He's a little mentally retarded but he's cool as shit.


                  DMT: The Spirit Molecule, all you need.


                    Foundation Series
                    Galactic Empire Series
                    Robot Series

                    All fiction, all by Isaac Asimov. Addresses interesting cultural aspects of today's society, but in the context of a humanity dispersed throughout the Universe.
                    Think all the cultural differences, religious conflicts, etc. of today, just on a much larger scale.

                    Probably the best books I have ever read.


                      The Book of Evidence


                        the quran



                          Originally posted by Timothy James Kelly View Post
                          DMT: The Spirit Molecule, all you need.
                          Have you smoked it yet? You and your cronies seem to rave about it alot.

                          It's rampant in my city.
                          "Packages of a powerful hallucinogenic drug have been intercepted in Coventry by UK Border Agency officers based at the city's postal hub.

                          Fifteen separate packages of DMT, totalling over 125 kilos and worth around £13m, have been seized in the past few months."


                            jared diamond (guns, germs, steel) is an anthropologist; anthropologists tend to very accessible books because they weave highly personal stories into overarching social frameworks; so the books flow well while educating you

                            i am taking a seminar on 20th century agriculture. it's a hugely important trend that has gone under the radar in many respects. i am about to go out and drink so i don't have time to talk much, but if you have never read about agriculture it may sound boring. you can take my word that there is much, much more to it than anticipated and it has fundamentally determined our current way of life

                            i recommend a book called "The Death of Ramon Gonzalez" by Angus Wright. it's written by an anthropologist and it talks about the development of Mexico's agriculture sector. it opens up whole new dimensions on the relationship between Mexico and United states and is a great introduction to the raging debate on 20th century agriculture

                            other books that i like, that i think are accessible and interesting, but i can't go so far as to say with confidence that you will like, because i am a nerd and i get interested in just about everything of substance. i may have suggested these before

                            Zero by Charles Seife. about the revolutionary concept of the number zero

                            The Last Days of Hitler: in late 1945 a professor is hired by British Gov to investigate if and how Hitler died and then he writes this investigation about the last few weeks of Hitler's life

                            Where Have All the Soldiers Gone? : a book that broadly strokes the weird development of European peace


                              if you want some fiction check this out....soooooooo good