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    valid reasons.


      Around 98-99 I was in a christian youth group. There were enough of us that inlined, skated, and biked to justify a "punch and pie" type thing at our local park. Turns out the pastor's wife or someone knew Chris, at the time he seemed to be into the whole youth thing because I remember hearing he was religious, so he agreed to speak to us about the lord and session the park with us.

      Long story short, it was setup and we prepared a month for it, only to have him flake last minute. I guess it really didn't hurt me much, I just chose to look up to other bladers after that. It was pretty shitty though, considering his name was on a majority of our crew's skates and I had replaced most of the parts on my Daytonas 3 times over. Moved on to USD after that, because I learned how fucking cool Petty was without acting like he wasn't a douche haha.

      About a year later, I met CE himself. He was MCing B3 in Portland. I think they gave him a shiny new nickle every time he mentioned Smint. Mat Hoffman, Andy MacDonald, and most of the other big name bikers/boarders were nicer to me, despite being a blader. You know who was fucking cool? Matt Andrews and Jake Elliot, they were so down for anything.

      /rant tl;dr: bladers are bigger douches than they think they can be.


        Originally posted by nlausch View Post
        so i lost a few hundred bucks (some of which i assume went to edwards pocket), never got anything in the mail, and had a brief experience in a holocaust skate camp with edwards playing hitler. i could stop being a little bitch and let it go, but when you're young and someone who you looked up to lets you down, it stings. i don't take it personally, because i'm sure he's done it to other kids, and maybe he still does - which is what makes me hate him.
        At least you placed in the comp <3.