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Switching from Apple to Android

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    Originally posted by RollerDorkMofo View Post
    I'm going to assume I'll be able to upgrade to Ice cream sandwich soon correct? Anyone know when that might be?

    Also I'd prefer not to go back to AT&T, the service in my town isn't the best which is why I switched. So far Verizon has been better on that aspect at least.
    When you don't have any signal, Verizon is worse because of the CDMA technology they use, it doesn't penetrate building walls as good as GSM does.

    Second, the Razr will get ICS sometime this summer, but its still going to look the same because Motorola skins that phone.

    The only way to get stock ICS is to buy a nexus phone, or root your Razr and install a 3rd party ROM.

    Also, you should see if El Paso has ATT LTE yet, because if they do, you're much better off with a One X on ATT.


      HTC Evo 4G LTE is coming out soon
      Same with Samsung Galaxy SIII (quad core jizz jizz jizz)

      RIP Royce

      Originally posted by CRF
      If you dislike hallucinates then fuck you


        every different phone manufacturer has its own "skin" or whatever for android, so its kind of hard to just lump all android phones into one category, they all do seem rather cluttered and shit though


          Originally posted by remdyz View Post
          HTC Evo 4G LTE is coming out soon
          Same with Samsung Galaxy SIII (quad core jizz jizz jizz)
          Evo LTE is an uglier One X on Sprint, and their LTE doesn't even exist yet.

          Also, the dual core A15 Snapdragon S4 is just as good as the quad core A9.

          Good chance the quad core S3 won't even come out in the states because it may not play nice with our LTE here and it will just use the dual core S4 anyways.