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My USD Carbon 2 Review and clips!

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    You dumb^

    carbunz are the best skate out


      Originally posted by wilk View Post
      Royal wtf man!? So I'm retarded for stating an opinion on a shit ass overpriced boot? The worst boot usd has ever released IN MY, thanks man. I skated those things for a year, and I GAVE THEM AWAY not to long ago to one of my good friends...who likes them and likes the lightness of them...I think skates don't need to be that light, I jump nipple height in my solos right now, nothing has changed sense I stopped skating carbons except my airs out of ramps feel so much better and floaty, that's all I was saying so way to be a dick about it.. I also think carbons are bad for your ankles and knees, its pretty much a hockey skate with souls and a buckle and shitty ass cuff excuse. How about this royal, ask Stefan Brandow how he feels about carbons, that guy has serious knee problems and has to be careful about what skates he rides...he's riding solos now.
      ...It was a joke pic, I was joking so calm down cupcake
      ...they are by no means shit skates, they have held up very well and nothing at all has broken on them.
      ...I skate carbons and razors and find no problem switching between the two and no holds back....weight means shit all after 5 minutes of skating.

      You are entitled to your opinion


        ever since i made the move to carbons ive loved them and havent looked back. The whole weight issue doesnt bother me because i dont feel like my jumps are any different or better from the lower weight of them but the comfort is bar none the best ive had. Straight out of the box they felt great and just did the heat molding to see how it would go.

        No reason to bash on a skate if it isnt whats right for you. Move on and find whats comfortable and rep that. As for the whole pricing issue, wouldve been a stretch paying full price for them when they first came out but now the 2s are the same price as any other top end boot from the other brands. just keep on skating.


          Right on, J Thursday has the right idea about carbons. He fixed everything that needs fixed and even made them look way cool. Ok, carbons are ok skates....they just need some tweaks. You'll see as you skate them longer...and if you break the metal instep receiver.


            I don't know where to post this so I'm doing it in this thread.

            I realize that It will take time to get used to the carbon 2's, and I have only skated them for about an hour total so far...but I find it damn near impossible to jump in them. I'm coming from salomons and I suppose im used to the springy power cuff or whatever they call it. When i try and jump in carbons i awkwardly float an inch off the ground then stumble.
            Yours truly,

            Metric F. Tonne


              Originally posted by Howboutcha C'mon
              I have a friend that is so stupid that he spends most of his time reminding himself to breathe.


                If they aren't comfortable, and you have bad pressure points, this is common. I feel that way in Gen type razors.Carbons might not be for you dude.