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    Originally posted by DanielBond View Post
    I didn't think about it like that - fair point.

    When you come to get new wheels, go straight for 62 in the middle!
    I tried 72/62 when I first got them and the 62's wouldn't turn, I think 61 or worn 62's is the maximum!


      Originally posted by DanielBond
      Can I ask for some feedback about the Oysi frames please?
      Did you ever skate GC HiLos? This really is an improved Rollerblade Switch frame, the large size for which used nearly the exact same dimensions (rockerable 72mm/60mm, shipped with 72mm outers and bearing-less plastic antirockers), and was itself a larger-wheeled version of the GC HiLo (57mm/52mm). Oysis are shorter and even longer.

      I put a few months on Oysis, starting with worn 72s (68/9?) and fresh 60s.

      Originally posted by DanielBond
      I keep seeing frames with 55-58mm in the middle - does this genuinely feel faster/smoother than a flat setup of 55-58mm?
      No- but it feels less flimsy than ~58mm freestyle/anti. Running large (67mm+?) outer wheels noticeably stabilizes turning edges: a sharp carve on a mini feels more like a flat 72 setup than flat 60.

      Originally posted by DanielBond
      I know it's a small difference, but considering there's so much plastic going on at the bottom, why would anyone not ride the biggest wheels you can in the middle?
      They want channel grinds? They never took physics? $biggestwheelsformiddle are not available or overpriced (most likely)?

      If the middle wheels are touching, there's drag on the outer wheels' rotational velocity, so you don't cruise as fast as with, say, 72mm flat- and you don't accelerate as fast as with 58mm flat. Purgatory.

      The split is yuge and wheel 2/3 bite protection is mild. It's still possible (but somewhat difficult) to catch by leaning forward- especially with soft wheels, despite the comically massive split.

      Originally posted by DanielBond
      Does it feel like flat considering the gap between wheels 2 and 3?
      Yes. But kind of like a freestyle flat. Which is unique, and good for frontsiding downed rubbish bins.

      Originally posted by DanielBond
      Does the length combined with the smaller wheels in the middle feel odd at all?
      Yes, at first especially. These frames feel outrageously long for the ride height- I can't imagine how odd it must feel with a ≤ size 8 foot vs. conventional wheelbases.

      Originally posted by DanielBond
      Getting 62mm in the middle looks great - anything smaller seems like some wasted potential?
      Wheel bite can happen with soft inners. Especially with the imprecise groove.

      Originally posted by DesignatedRolla
      don't think it's really about comparing them to flat or anti, these are a separate entity

      Groove is vague with overkill split
      Speed (large) and acceleration (small) wheel benefits are muddled or negated
      Clunkier/heavier than anti/freestyle
      Frame length:height ratio is bizarre, especially at first

      Roll much better than anti/freestyle setups; not nearly as well as flat 72mm+
      Mellow-ish backslide angle
      Low-ish ride height
      Frame length is super stable at speed

      To recap, I'd say it's like believing a comodo cert with cloudflare provides security/confidentiality/pagerank benefits, but to be fair- they never promised any of that
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        Thanks Masterblade, much appreciated and very comprehensive. Interesting the way it affects riding ramp.



          Anyone skate these 8 down/no rocker? What are your thoughts? And what size skate were you on?

          And people skating them rockered, do you feel any instability on bigger park stuff, like dropping in on or landing airs on bigger quarters? I'm picturing a rocking feeling and falling back, but maybe I'm just exaggerating since I've never skated a rockered setup.
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