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    Yes, I tried the search function, did not succeed.

    Anyone using Mini DV Camcorders, how do you digitalise? My computer does not have a firewire port anymore.
    Do those USB Video grabbers work well, that have an Input for the Video cables (yellow, white, red) and and a USB for Output?
    Any alternatives?

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    well, i did keep one of my old Mac's (2010) exactly for that situation. Als it still runs FCpro7 like a champ.

    Otherwise, i bet there are firewire-to-anything adapters, google might know.

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    I was curious if anyone is experienced with those adapters.
    there are expensive adapter machines like the one in the youtube video that transform firewire signals to a usb output and there are cheaper ones, that work with the video cables (white yellow red) and a usb output. because it's much cheaper I was afraid to lose quality on the latter ones
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    you can get a usb to firewire adapter. they are really cheap too.

    you could use a capture device like "dazzle dvc100" or the "gv-usb2".
    the gv-usb2 is the best quality you can get, especially for the price. but dazzle dvc100 (cheaper) will do just as good for minidv tapes, so no big deal either way.

    I wouldnt gamble with no-brand capture devices from the shenzen market, especially for something like preservation of memories.


    EDIT: you could also get a firewire pci card if you didnt have luck with the usb-firewire adapter like this

    2ND EDIT: the gv-usb2 is 480i, so is dazzle dvc100.

    Mini DV 25Mb/sec 720x480,4:1:1(NTSC)

    SDTV (480i) is 480x720
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