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    Sick and tired of having heaps of stuff lying around I don't really use. Yes, I have a little bit of a hoarding problem. Everything is in superb condition if not otherwise noted. Shoot me an offer via PM. I am from Fra... Europe, so keep shipping costs in mind.

    Salomon ST80 size UK 5.5, EU 39, US 6, CM 24.5, shell size 24,5 in great condition

    Salomon ST80 size UK 10, EU 45, US 10.5, CM 28,5, shell size 28,5. Great condition

    Salomon axles, set of ocho

    USD UFS Throne Dominic Sagona (Domonic Sagoners) in size EU 43/ US 10 (that's all what's on the label) in great condition. These come loaded with Reign sofas and CRS frames. The 2nd Regime wheels are decent, too.

    For now I'll try to find someone that wants the completes. Feel free to contact me if you're interested in the Fiziks or liners etc. on their own though and I might consider your offer

    Modify your pre-UFS Salomons (or other old-ass skates) to fit any "modern" frame with these receptor thingies. They're super slim and thus work perfectly in boots that don't yet have recesses like the ones that came with UFS.

    These are high quality... thingies from a Xsjado Replacement Parts Kit and are made by Salomon

    Kizer Suspension beaters, wheel base 250 mm (S/M). Rubber bushings in great condition. Scratched but not grinded much. Slightly dirty. Wheels are spent (obviously)

    Salomon buckles, complete with receptors and mounting screws. Cut short because too long

    Brand new CDS Detroit heel plates with hardware, sticker and instruction manual. For your non UFS, raised heel ice skates

    USD Aeon soul plates. Unused, no hardware. Regular wood screws with countersunk head will work

    Kizer 6mm axles. Black, unused

    MPC Road War 110mm XFirm wheels. High quality wheels made in the USA, similar performance to UC and Matter. Great condition

    Well maintained Msgboard account, over 20.000 posts, semi-OG join date, most +rep of all users ever (Richie is fake af), very trustworthy due to over 2344435367 successful blade trade transactions

    Salomon Aaron Feinberg Pro skates size US 5.5, UK 5, EU 38, CM 24, 24,5 shell. They are in great condition as can be seen ion the pics

    Salomon ST Pro (STPro) size EU 45,3, US 11.5, UK 11, CM 29, shell size 30. Liners are great apart from the heels coming undone and the same thing starting at the toes. Shells are in great condition also, (now off-) white cuffs makes them look more beat than they are. Souls in great condition, couple screws are missing

    Higgsed Dyna Brandon Smith 44mm/101A antirocker wheels with bearings and spacers

    DVDs for sale

    Street Artist Bambrick 58mm/88A wheels. Great quality wheels, great condition, two of them have flat spots. As a pure blood street skater you know how to deal with them (put them in the back, spots face outwards)

    Selling a set of Xsjado strap things, never used. Came on a skate but were immediately removed

    UFS Throne Plates, size 2, EU 41 - 42

    Clearing my stash of unused, size S, black Valo frames. Great frames with good hardware and metal spacers that are well known for their longevity

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      *** MONDAY'S BLOWOUT SALE *** MONDAY'S BLOWOUT SALE ***[Update: Soon.]***


        Post updated, couple things already gone!
        *** MONDAY'S BLOWOUT SALE *** MONDAY'S BLOWOUT SALE ***[Update: Soon.]***


          Hmmm. Debating those Heat clothes.


            How much for them Higgs Boson?

            R.I.P James Short 3/18/1985-8/30/2009


              aww why couldn't you be from the states...


                Damn. Why do you have to be in France I want a couple things but shipping to US is crazy
                LEGIT LIST

                Me shooting my kimber 1911


                  Depends on the things you want. I could send a set of wheels for $16, I believe. Larger stuff is more, of course...
                  *** MONDAY'S BLOWOUT SALE *** MONDAY'S BLOWOUT SALE ***[Update: Soon.]***


                    UCON jacket and Kaspa shirt gone. Some Heat and Artysm items spoken for. Razors Cult soul frames added.
                    *** MONDAY'S BLOWOUT SALE *** MONDAY'S BLOWOUT SALE ***[Update: Soon.]***


                      Want those Kaltiks, Creates and UC Grindhouse wheels, unfortunately don't have money to spend on blading right now.


                        Are you the ShaneG I think you am?
                        *** MONDAY'S BLOWOUT SALE *** MONDAY'S BLOWOUT SALE ***[Update: Soon.]***


                          Probably not. Who do you think I am?


                            Just checked your email and you're not...
                            *** MONDAY'S BLOWOUT SALE *** MONDAY'S BLOWOUT SALE ***[Update: Soon.]***


                              I don't even know what email I have on this site haha, made this last year and pretty much just lurk. Lurked on a different account a couple years ago but I forgot the password so i just made this