Written by Johannes Jacobi
Edit by Mathias von Gostomski 
Photography by Alex Schneider, Johannes Jacobi & Felix Strosetzki

Mathias von Gostomski captured the whole action last year and created a beautiful documentary about it. It will show you how we experienced this festival and why you should definitely be part of it sometime soon!

The riders lineup for Roskilde 2011:

Montre Livingston
Alex Broskow
Erik Bailey
Richie Eisler
Dustin Werbeski
Johannes Jacobi
Dominik Wagner
Gregory Preston
Nikolas Belka
Philipp Preuß
Bartlomiej Laubsch
Timm Kittlitz
Friederike Charlotte Reisch
Nils Jansons
Gabriel Hyden
Kåre Lindberg
Tom Ahlqvist
Christian Berg
Magnus J. Packness
Fredrick Andersson
Aleksandar Popovits
Frederik Kofoed-Sørensen
Ralf Monnerup
Julius Josefsen
Tom Piekarski
Seth Nicolas
Josh Glowicki
Fritz Peitzner

Check back on Sunday for the first live-update!

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