Frank Stoner is a rhetorician, cognitive linguist, husband, beagle owner, and rollerblader. He earned his professional credentials at Colorado State University (USA) and Bangor University (Wales, UK). His recent academic work has focused on Conceptual Metaphor Theory, Blending Theory, Cognitive Grammar, Cognitive Rhetoric, Emotion Theory and rollerblading discourse. He authored numerous articles over the last 24 months for ONE Magazine, including rollerblading’s first column investigating rollerblading and rollerblading discourse from an academic perspective (Second Place).

Frank has lived in and traveled through most of the habitable parts Western Europe, North America and Central America. He’s been a ramp builder, house framer, carpenter, teacher’s assistant, data specialist, writing center tutor, professor of English, and over-the-road delivery driver. He’s been skating for over twenty years and has appeared in videos and sections produced by Jan Welch, Lonnie Gallegos, Woodward Camp, Chris Majette, Jay Geurink, Brady Fontenot, Anthony Medina, Leon Humphries, and Dave Paine.

Currently, Frank is engaged with two new projects: “For Your Consideration” here on Be-Mag—which aims to offer a series of biweekly think-pieces on rollerblading—and “Open Letter” over at He is also a regular guest on the How to Be Unpopular//Mushroom Blading podcast, and he can be contacted via email at [email protected]

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