Chad Hornish and Arizona videographer Ryan Buchanan have just released their VOD Dream in Pink online for completely FREE! Dream in Pink which was released earlier this year, caps off a hellacious year for Chad, as it saw him traveling the world numerous times, competing in several huge competitions and appearing in numerous major skate video releases.

Chad is well known for his stunt seeking ways and pushing the envelope and this profile shuts down any naysayers who say that bladers don’t do stunts like in years prior. In “Dream in Pink“, Chad throws down many a spine-tingling hammer as well as shows his matured consistency with a calculated style and a wide ranging bag of technical tricks.

Videographer Ryan Buchanan also did an incredible job in highlighting the Arizona landscape in which “Dream in Pink” was recorded as well as showing the upbeat personality behind Chad’s powerful skating. All in all, “Dream in Pink” is a solid profile from one of blading’s most inspiring individuals and we anxiously anticipate a follow up from these two talented men.

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