Dom West has had quite an eventful year as far as video releases are concerned. Having dropped his incredible Joe Atkinson “BLUE” profile earlier in the year as well as his video {PERSPECTIVES} which highlighted El Presidente Jon Julio, Dom has been staying quite busy. Now Dom has blessed us with another visual delight; shot in the land down under during the summer of 2019 featuring the skating talents of Joe Atkinson, Craig Brocklehurst, Scott Crawford, Josh Butler, Tien Nguyen and Toby Yau.

Mr. West’s productions (sit down Kanye) are always a pleasure and couldn’t have come at a more needed time. With so many of us fighting off the cabin fever, it is nice to escape to an exotic location, even if only through our cell phones, and enjoy the little things that we not long ago took for granted. One of those being a chill skate park session, enjoying the summer breeze among the company of our friends.

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