Before posting a section from an unknown name blader on Be-Mag, we ask ourselves the same few questions: Is this guy good? Does he have the right brand of skates? Does he have the right type of setup? What kind of pants does he wear? What’s the music in the section like?

Only after we get satisfactory answers to all these questions, then we post the section. On the other hand, if you’re a well known name in the blade game, you can get away with almost anything, sloppy landings, lazy skating, oversized turned-up Dickies that every skateboarder and Highsnobiety reader wears these days, we mean anything goes.

So, did young Jeremy Vallauri match these criteria? The blading is top notch. The skates are the right brand, and he even skates different brands in the same edit, not seen to often. The pants…we’ll let him slip on account of his blading. The music falls in the category of different strokes for different folks.

All in all, good job Jeremy.

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