Joe Atkinson Wins Ram Jam 2016

Fresh off his victory last weekend in France, the unbeatable harpsichord fanatic Joe Atkinson took the win this weekend again in Denmark for the first ever Ram Jam event! Not only did he beat Nick Lomax (2nd place) and Danish champion Frederik Kofoed (3rd place), Joe also managed to win best trick with two of the biggest bangers of the day laced back to back! Another impressive performance by the young lad, another proof he’s not slowing down in 2016!

1st place: Joe Atkinson
2nd place: Nick Lomax
3rd place: Frederik Kofoed
4th place: Jacob Juul
5th place: Montre livingston

1st place: Lea Cramer
2nd place: Trine Brøns
3rd place: Line Thoresen

1st place: Felix Fälling
2nd place: Billy Frederikson
3rd place: Luka Wiingaard Madsen
4th place: Cornelius Gersby

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