On September 15th and 16th, the biggest Italian event of the last years took place in Biella, a small city in the northwest of the peninsula. The local Blading Biella crew built up a contest that will be remembered.
The local public skatepark was powered by quarters, funboxes and ledges that were there only for that weekend, giving the whole thing a once in a lifetime session in that park.

Street food and beer stands, camping and partner hotels and the crew’s hospitality made it a pleasing experience for everyone, from the little kids of the kids Contest (believe it or not there were kids in a contest!), to the bladies, amateurs and pros, like Joe Atkinson, who took the win, Adrien Anne, who got the best trick, Maxime Genoud and many others.
The Blading Biella crew invite you to like their pages on Facebook and instagram, and waits for you to the contest next year!