Building a spot to skate is something special. It never goes completely according to plan, first you never have enough material, then you steal it, then you argue about the height of the ledge with your buds, then when you finally build it, local drunks and junkies piss on it when you’re gone, they shoot up dope there, sometimes you find used condoms there, broken glass, all types of stuff happens. But it’s always worth it, for the exact reasons listed above. It creates bonds among friends, lasting memories and edits like this one, with Tizian Bögl, Max Heid, Timm Kittlitz, Max Obermaier, Stephan Mohr, Fabian Gaile, Marius Gaile, Louis Schäfer, a.k.a. the Ludus crew.

Stephan Mohr sent it to us and it’s good stuff. Now go and build a spot for yourself to blade!

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