Our friends over at Filthjuice keep on releasing some great content online, and their latest Filth-File with Valo founder and blade legend Jon Julio is yet another proof! Visiting Catalina island with fellow OG blader Erick Garcia, Jon managed to shoot a handful of beautiful pictures in just a day, and you can now enjoy the result & full article on the Filthjuice website: pay these guys a visit, and stay tuned for more good stuff in the future!

Jon Julio is an icon in skating and is a force to be reckoned with. He has proven year in and year out that a love for skating will take you to places in your life you’ve never been before. Gratitude towards the man is the least any skater can do, but he’s not looking for recognition, he’s looking to keep skating strong and influential until the day he dies.– ESG

Read the full article here: filthjuice.com/filth-files-jon-julio
Visit the Filthjuice website here: filthjuice.com
Follow their page for more updates: facebook.com/filthjuice



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