The Grind Co’s Winterclash 2017 edit, featuring : Miguel Martinez, Montre Livingston, Nicolas Servy, Mathieu Heinemann, Danny Aldridge, Robert Spassov, Frederic Bukowski, Guillaume Le Gentil, David Sizemore, Eugen Enin, Jérémy Melique, Evert Lubja, Franck Steve, Yuma Baudouin, Grazyna Wratny, Manon Derrien, Mery Muñoz, James Patagueul, Anthony Aymard, Antony Pottier, Lorenzo Copetti, Json Adriani, Jelle Briggeman, Joe Atkinson, Lucas Spenle, Tomek Przybylik, Dominik Wagner, Zahir Hanaizi, Yuto Goto and Dano Gorman.

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