“One decade since we printed our first shirt. It makes us proud and we are very thankful to all our friends, supporters and customers. Without them all this would never have been possible. Due to our 10 years Infernal anniversary we have some specials prepared for you” by Jonas Plötl (owner of Infernal). 

– For the 10 years Infernal anniversary they will offer a 10€ voucher for the Infernal Onlineshop
to all their friends and supporters (Deadline: 15th August)

Link: http://www.infernal-clothing.com/blog/?page_id=865

– Special sales offer in the Infernal Onlineshop with lots of great deals (Deadline:
15th August)

Link: http://infernal-clothing.de/shop/specials.php?language=en

– Infernal BBQ Masters
The Infernal BBQ Masters is a photo contest. Normally Infernal only do skate
photo contests, but this is their first fun photo contest. You can send in three
pictures of you having a BBQ – either with your friends or alone or romantic with
your girl. Just show them how your perfect BBQ would look like and win lots
of cool stuff. (Deadline: 25th August)

PS: And for all friends of skate photo contests: Don’t worry, the skate
photo contest will return in September in collabo with Be-Mag.com!

Link: http://www.infernal-clothing.com/blog/?page_id=869

– Anniversary Lookbook:

Link: http://infernal-clothing.de/misc/catalog/2011_10_years_anniversary/

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