Joe Atkinson Insight

Joe Atkinson has been tearing up the UK scene for years. After a spell riding for USD Joe has recently signed for Shima Skate Manufacturing’s Second Blood team. No doubt you will be seeing a lot more of Joe in the coming months. We caught up with the Laced Series Best Trick winner for a little insight.

Full Name: Joe Atkinson
Age: 19
Blading since: As long as i remember
Born in: Pontefract north east England
Currently living in: Everywhere

Sponsors: SSM, Eulogy Wheels, Create Original frames, Loco, KingCrow Bearings
Setup: SSMs, OG frames Flat setup, Eric Bailey wheels KingCrow bearings and Trust liners Cushty! With a slight whiff of dog shit coming from the back wheel.

Relationship status: One night stands

Favorite band: Crazy Horse, BJM, The Velvet Underground

Worst band: I’d be here all day

Favorite food: Jerk Chicken

Worst food: Chicken arsehole casserole, Neil Ingals specialty

Favorie city: London

Worst city: Liverpool

Best trip in 2011: Too many to say but Bestival and Barcelona were RAG’O

Next trip: Trying to hit up Pakistan and San Fran this year, apart from that fuck knows.

Next video part you’re filming for: The VOID, Rollcam, and working on some side projects also.

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