Once again, JSMS 2014 proved to be a remarkable event on all aspects, thanks to the strength and courage James Short’s family has shown in turning a tragic event into something that incredibly positive. We would lack the words to express the utmost respect we have for them, however Be-Mag would like to share the results with you, and a few pictures from that memorable day as sometimes, they speak louder than a thousand words.

1 – Luke Naylor (Detroit)
2 – Travis Rhodes (Cleveland)
3 – Stefan Brandow (Pittsburgh)

1 – Stefan Brandow (Pittsburgh)
2 – Aaron Pyle (Dayton)
3 – Mike McAllise (Cleveland)

1 – Luke Naylor (Detroit)
2 – Stefan Brandow (Pittsburgh)
3 – Justin Thursday Fuelling (Elyria)






“JSMS 2014 (James Short Memorial Session) was such an amazing time and reminded me of how blessed I am. Not only did I place 1st in the Toe Roll contest, 2nd in the Cess Slide contest, and 3rd in the Best Trick contest, but it was made so much sweeter by the fact I did it all at the place where James taught me how toe roll and cess slide. Even though he’s gone I’m so grateful for all the amazing people he has brought into my life over the years. RIP James. Jolly Jolly Fucking Heartbreakers Forever.” –Stephan Brandow

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