It is for these and many other reasons that we are introducing the Iain McLeod Pro Skate. Featuring the Razors Genesys boot with all the trimmings. This steel blue boot includes replaceable 1-piece soul frames, backslide plates, Genesys liners, Ground Control Featherlite 2 frames, and Signature Iain McLeod Undercover Wheels, all wrapped up with white/blue hockey laces and matching blue, white and black trim.


  1. GC Featherlite 2 frame
  2. Genesys liner with extra thick padding
  3. McLeod Undercover ‘Duck Hunt’ Wheels, 56mm/89a
  4. Replaceable 1-piece soul frame
  5. Replaceable backslide plate
  6. Perfectly aligned backslide plate groove
  7. 42 mm anti-rocker wheels
  8. Oversized heel pad
  9. Razors tool
  10. ABEC 7 bearings