Every section Geoff Phillip releases is another reason to celebrate rollerblading. His latest collaboration with the elusive cinematographer Ian Walker is flawless, so we’re just giving you ten reasons to buy his 2016 section. Give money to Geoff and Ian, pay and watch the section for as low as five bucks, here.

Here’s a list of reasons why you should buy.

1. Geoff Phillip is a dedicated, talented rollerblader determined to work under his own conditions, and bring you great sections for a symbolic price.

2. The soundtrack is great: Nevertheless by Brian Jonestown Massacre goes perfect with the blading.

3. This smooth switchup.


4. Ian Walker’s filming and editing is on point.

5. To help finance Geoff’s next section, because we sure as hell hope there will be one soon.

6. Because Eugen Enin wrote to me saying: Let’s support this killa.

7. Because of this smoother than butter 360 top acid.


8. This savannah.


9. This fishy to torqueslide.


10. Well, you’ll see the rest when you buy it. Here.

11. P.S. Ian, sry for slacking, I’ll get at you asap.

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