Ricardo Lino took his time and got in touch with Tom Hyser, and they discussed a slew of topics.

01:25 – rollerblading or inline skating?
02:05 – Who´s Tom Hyser? For how long have you been skating?
08:30 – How did you got into K2 Skates ? K2 Fatty´s ?
11:19 – getting payed 5K per month to skate at 22
17:50 – How did Skatepile started and why it ended
19:41 – FIZIKS frames problem
24:50 – What happened to Epoch Frames?
27:50 – Ford or Rollerblade?
30:20 – Rollerblade First Big Wheels UFS frames
31:05 – Your first opportunity to make an hard boot skate
33:00 – Skate brands trying something new.
34:50 – blank WARLOCK concept skate
37:20 – Richie Eisler 125 skates idea made by ROCES
38:50 – “If we keep fighting instead of supporting each other..”
40:55 – What do you think of the whole big wheel thing???
43:45 – Did K2 Skates had Roller Skates?
47:45 – Tim Wolff from black jack project tour with VANS
49:20 – They avoid skating when they get famous
50:33 – Some aggressive skaters should be doing freeskate promo videos
52:05 – Just look at it as someone who doesn’t skate
55:14 – Greg Mirzoyan
57:56 – I wanted to modify Sven frames for FISE
59:19 – Skaters need to understand why rollerblade lost their BEST TEAM.
1:02:22 – Andy Kruse was on a whole different level of creativity
1:04:10 – what do you think of skate competitions?
1:05:02 – what do you think about Winterclash?
1:06:20 – Pro with the a Bad attitude
1:10:10 – You can be a really good skater without challenging life
1:12:35 – Is there any skater getting paid 1500 US dollars Right now?
1:14:00 – When is skating coming back, and what do we need to do for that to happen?
1:21:07 – the Firs Skating Marathon World Championships.
1:23:50 – Rollerblade Team
1:26:50 – A Big Group of cool dudes used to make fun of David Sizemore
1:27:30 – David Sizemore on VALO
1:29:00 – New Rollerblade Skates?
1:35:26 – Rollerblade 2017 Video Projects
1:36:40 – What happened with Matthias Ogger ?
1:40:30 – Who was the best skater you ever worked with?
1:42:20 – What is your favourite skate product on the market right now?

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