Ricardo Lino managed to catch the ever busy Josh Glowicki for his skate talks. And while you and we are both waiting for Josh’s Blade Camp materials to drop for a Be-Mag feature, give this 13th episode of Skate talk a listen.

01:32 – Vida loka – Brazilian Funk
03:01 – Where are you right now and what are you doing?
05:20 – VISA problems
10:01 – RAZORs Glowicki Pro Model skate
12:30 – what is BLADING CAMPS?
20:30 – kids only want sponsors for Ego
29:01 – the end of GIPSY LIVING
32:30 – using both hemispheres
38:40 – Tiago Inline Skater
43:40 – THINK POSITIVE Tattoo
44:30 – There was no plan B, i chose to focus my energy one one idea only
45:40 – Jojo Jacobi organising Winterclash techniques
47:30 – We are good at creating but we need to be better at managing our creations.
52:00 – We had campers with 11 and with 38 years old.
1:03:00 – “If Montre tells you not to smoke cigarettes..”
1:08:03 – Drinking..smoking..
1:10:10 – Skateboarding “being sober” trend
1:11:00 – Are you happy with Razors? Did any brand contact you to skate for them?
1:17:00 – Why the Helmets?
1:22:40 – Anti rocker skating = FLINTSTONE SKATES
1:27:30 – taking skating as proper work with work times, etc

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