PRO SKATER, THE CONFERENCE TEAM MANAGER, SHOP OWNER, PRODUCT DEVELOPER, BRANDS DISTRIBUTOR , Oli Benet did it all, and Ricardo Lino got to ask him a lot of interesting questions, got even more interesting answers.
Oli Benet is a real wheel addict and you won’t find a lot of people with the same amount of passion and dedication, Ricardo says.
Even though it’s 95 minutes long, it’s worth your time again, an interview with one of the most influential skating individuals in 2017.

03:21 – Why do you live in Barcelona?
10:15 – What’s the real story with Powerblading?
15:44 – Rollerblade Vs Powerblading
16:56 – Rollerblade Vs Triblading
18:40 – Involvement with 3 Wheel skating
22:14 – Triskating frames and different brands
23:05 – Different sizes of different brands
24:55 – Problems with K2
26:36 – The importance of shops
27:25 – Powerslide
32:53 – Lino Vs Oli Beef (including Undercover, Deshi, Stygma)
43:15 – How big is skating in Spain?
47:10 – Social media from ROEX
50:19 – Relationship with Flying Eagle – Choosing it over all other brands
51:08 – ROEX Vs Rollerblade Spain
52:20 – Back to the Flying Eagle Story
54:46 – Powerslide vs Flying Eagle & Boycott
55:40 – Flying Eagle Europe
57:14 – Flying Eagle Aggressive Skate
58:15 – Flying Eagle Aggressive Frame
59:28 – More about the Flying Eagle Aggressive Skate
1:03:36 – Health Problems
1:11:31 – When did you start skating?
1:14:00 – Magazine talk
1:15:33 – Where is skating going with big wheels?
1:27:13 – Razors Leak talks
1:30:13 – The most profesional skater of all time is…

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