Introduction and Questions by John Sakkis

Photographs by Erick Garcia for Be-Mag

Stephen Babcock carries himself like a local wherever he goes; cool with a quiet confidence, he rips like a local wherever he goes too, seemingly comfortable on any obstacle, from p-rail wizardry to LA River bangers (literal banger, more on that later), the dude is fun to watch. In this installment of Top 5 we get to pick this Bay Area local’s brain.

Top Acid

Favorite Spots to eat near the Bay

– Ivan Narez’s Mom’s Pasole
-Dino’s Sandwiches (Brentwood)
-Teryaki Madness (Fairfield)
-The Lumpia Company (Oakland)
-Village Pizza (Sacramento)

Back Torque

Favorite parks near the Bay

-Brentwood (Hometown park)


Blading Beverages

-Hi-Ball (s/o Jeph Howard for putting me on those)
-Red Bull/Coffee

Negative Porn

With a helmet

-keeps my head in one piece
-comfortable to wear
-pull bitches galore
-cool break dance spin moves
-reminder to keep going no matter how hard you fall

Without a helmet

-wind blowing through my luscious locks
-no built up helmet sweat dripping
-get to wear hats,beanies, phedoras, etc.
-pull bitches galore
-not as much to carry to the session


Things to do in the rain

-smoke weed
-watch The Mighty Ducks trilogy
-watch Jud Larson huck his corpse
-edit sweet iPhone clips
-spoon with my dog Bates


Top videos of 2018

-Chance of Rain 2
-Jeph Howard’s Rare Winter
-Secret Project 2
-Donde Gato

Top Acid

Stephen Babcock lives in Brentwood, California. You can follow him on Instagram here.

John Sakkis lives in Oakland, California. You can follow him on Instagram here. 
Erick Garcia lives in Oakland, California. You can follow him on Instagram here.

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