Michael Kraft recently reached out to me, as his friend Autumn Shambeck is in the midst of transitioning and is looking for help in cover the costs of the surgery. I feel it is pivotal we support all persons involved in our sport, and Autumn’s situation is no exception:

As a trans woman, I’m met with lots of resistance every day. As a trans woman who rollerblades, I feel welcome and appreciated unconditionally. As a community, we are a diverse group with many backgrounds and interests but there is a mutual passion that brings us all together. We all have our own paths to travel, battles to be fought. I’m reaching out to the rollerblading community in search of assistance and maybe even to shed some light on acceptance.
I’ve been rollerblading for somewhere around 14 years now. I came to terms with my identity as a trans woman 2 years ago. My whole life has turned around since November of 2016. Now that I think of it, rollerblading has been the only constant. Amidst losing contact with friends and family, my blading friends have really surprised me with their support and acceptance. I’m so very grateful for them as well as well as the continued support from my chosen family. A combination of anxiety and my whole life flipping upside down led me to irrationally assume their reaction may be negative. They really proved me wrong. I’m wrong about a lot of things. It’s important for anyone to face adversity and tear down the walls that force distance between one another.
Although my transition has brought me positivity, rekindled friendships and growth; Negativity remains, a battle with no end. I’m pushing my boundaries of vulnerability to share my goals with you all. I’m asking for help to raise money for a validating surgery. I have half of the money already saved up at the moment and will continue to save what doesn’t go towards rent. I have recently started a gofundme for any of my friends who are willing to share their hard earned money with me. Many of you don’t know me but I have always been one to do everything myself and never ask for help. Despite independence, everyone needs help from time to time even though it is hard to admit. This is a huge step towards bettering myself and preserving what my future holds. Nobody is obliged to share their money with me, I am optimistic that my battle can at least share some perspective and light on struggles that others go through. To raise some questions on if we are on our best path, fighting for what we believe in.
Be the positivity you want to see.