Billy O’Neill on the NYC Street Invite 2011

Announced just a few weeks ago, the upcoming NYC Street Invite is set to leave a lasting impression. Our contributor Ryan Loewy talked with Billy O'Neill about the new real street competition the best bladers in the industry have been invited to compete in.

NYC STREET INVITATIONAL: The Florida “PERSPECTIVE!” by Kyle Guilford, “The Blading Warrior”

And they say drinking doesn't lead to good ideas. Well, when the risk is worth the adventure it sometimes takes a few bottles of an ice cold brew to push the best decision that a road trip from Florida to New York is more than worth it. Wild Bill and Kyle Guilford made a choice decision in heading straight to Orlando for the first two and a half hour flight straight up the coast to Billy's first annual NYC Street Invitational. Not 100% if they made the right decision? Well, maybe you haven't been paying attention to the rolling world but at nearly three weeks later it is still at the top of everyone's mind. So, after you read up on this you may want to school yourself and watch the several dozen edits that have surfaced since the comp.

Panhandle Pow-Wow 2010

Described as "controlled chaos," this year's Panhandle Pow-Wow once again went down in the history books... Check out Troy Sander's version of what went down!