Sven Boekhorst Pro Skate Release & Cityhopper+ Documentary Premiere

We are reporting live from Den Bosch in the Netherlands! Just a couple of minutes ago a local politician handed Sven his first ever Pro model. It took a successful 18 year long career combined with 16 years of riding and working for Rollerblade to receive the crown of it all, a pro skate. This is not the common Pro model story, which should be obvious if you have been following the media over the last few days.

Sven Boekhorst: First Jumps and Urban Master Profile

Tonight is the premiere of Sven Boekhorst latest video project: City Hopper, in Amsterdam, Netherlands. We have the last two old school clips from Sven ready for you to get you all excited. The first clip is in 1994, Sven does his first jumps and grinds in front of his parental home on a bunch of ramps he built with his friends in Den Bosch, Netherlands. The second video is his 1999 Urban Masters Profile from the Chosen Trilogy. Sven is killing every spot he hits in Belgium, Netherlands and Germany. Enjoy!

Sven Boekhorst: 1999 X-Games Triples and 2000 YOZ Games

In the final week before Sven Boekhorst's City Hopper premiere's in Amsterdam, we will post several old school clips from Sven's achievements during his impressive career. The first two are at the 2000 YOZ Games in Munchen, Germany. Sven took 1st place in park and 6th place in the bowl competition. The third clip is his halfpipe run at the 1999 X-Game Triples where Sven took the gold medal. Tune back in tomorrow for more old school Sven Boekhorst videos!

Pascal Tan: Remix by Thijs Tel

Pascal Tan is one of the up and coming skaters from Amsterdam, The Netherlands, who is quickly building a name for himself with his clean style, fun personality, and professional attitude towards skating. He is on the Razors Flow team as well as on the Thisissoul Team, and can be found skating weekly in Amsterdam or other cities in the Netherlands. Footage for this remix edit was mainly shot in Amsterdam and Barcelona, almost all in 2011.

Sven Boekhorst: 2000 ASA Finals and Hermosa Beach

On January 22nd the City Hopper video project with Sven Boekhorst will premiere in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Until then we will release some old school Boekhorst clips from his achievements over the past year. Today, we take you back to the ASA competition in 2000. The first two clips are of his halfpipe and park runs at Hermosa Beach, California and the third clip is from the ASA Finals in Las Vegas, Nevada. Sven won the World Championships in Park at Las Vegas and after winning the X-Games and Gravity Games in addition he was given the title, "Triple Crown". Tune back in tomorrow for more exclusive Sven Boekhorst videos!

Erik Burrow reflecting on his Skating Year

Hi, my name is Erik Burrow and I am a 23 year old Canadian roller from Toronto. The following photographs are a documentation of an amazing year in skating. I have been extremely busy juggling college life, my girlfriend, and a job at Shop-Task. Somewhere in the mix I've found a way to make it all work.

Sven Boekhorst: 2003 High Rollers and X-Games

In the last week before the City Hopper video is released on January 22nd, we will post Sven's achievements in various competitions he attended during his career. Today we have a clip of Sven attending the 2003 High Rollers half pipe competition in Amsterdam where Sven took the 2nd place. The other clip is of Sven's half pipe run in the 2003 X-Games held at the Staples Centre in Los Angeles. Sven took 5th place here when he had just recovered from a broken elbow a week earlier. Tune back in tomorrow for more exclusive Sven Boekhorst videos!

Sven Boekhorst talking about his ‘CityHopper’ Project + Trailer

With so many rolling edits out there it is becoming increasingly difficult to come up with something unique and exciting. In recent years it seems like the only way to get noticed is to go bigger than anyone has gone before or add in that extra rotation before landing on a rail. Over the past year Sven Boekhorst and his team have been working on a different approach on how they could grab everyone's attention, both inside the skate world as well as outside our cozy realm. What they came up with was a project called 'CityHopper'. In an attempt to take things to a different level the outcome truly shines as unique. Sven was really open to letting us in on this little secret that he had been hiding. Take some time to read up and find out what exactly 'CityHopper' is all about. We think you will be just as pleased as we were. 

[MAG] November 2011

Check out Dutch Rollerblading Magazine [MAG] with its November release. This month featuring KapotHard Report, Le Swizz in Amsterdam and many, many photos!

Luca Gobbo: Quick Profile

Luca Gobbo has made a profile edit of himself shredding obstacles in the streets of Rotterdam and Amsterdam in The Netherlands. Nice blading!

Robin Bosgra 2011

Robin Bosgra is a young talent from Holland. In this edit by Remco van der Pol He shows his skill at sweet spots in and around Amsterdam. This is a teaser for a full DVD coming in February 2012

‘The Breakfast Club’ touring through Belgium and France

The idea for the Breakfast Club Tour was to rock Belgium and France in a van fully loaded with nine skaters. We ended up leaving Amsterdam with only the four of us in a VW Con-fucking-vertible off to Belgium. Arne Elgersma, Bojd Vredevoogd, Marnix Haak and Robbert Snijder. Our tour planner Bojd spent the last few weeks looking for the finest, most ghetto abandoned places to get some unique footage for the DVD. The first weekend we ended up skating an old pool, a theme-park and spent the night in a creepy half demolished hotel called 'Kosmos'. Exploring these places at midnight was a great adventure by itself.

Ben Harmanus: Reflecting on What Is

Ben is a veteran in our sport, has pulled some of the burliest stunts, been around the block more times than even he can remember, and now in his wiser days he is putting enlightenment before excitement when taking a look at all that skating and life around him has become. With the relaunch of Chimera and a fresh start in Berlin he has stepped into a life of inspiration.

Roskilde 2011 Live-Update #3 – Checking in with Montre Livingston

While on tour around Europe, Montre Livingston also stopped by the Roskilde Festival. After Tuesday's demo, Johannes Jacobi took Montre aside and checked in with him about his current tour, his experience at the festival and the new SSM video for which the filming has just begun worldwide. Ronni Skovmand also prepared an edit of Montre which was filmed during the demo yesterday.

Montre Livingston in Europe – Tour Schedule

Montre Livingston is touring Europe at the moment to promote his new pro model and to hang out and skate with his friends from Europe. Find the tour schedule here and make sure to join one or many of the stops if you live in the area!

Checking in with Edwin Wieringh

If you are into European Rollerblading, you might have come across the Amsterdam local Edwin Wieringh. Dutch, cleanest style ever, textbook truespin topsouls, always in a good mode and full of power – those are just some characteristics for a guy who loves Rollerblading more than anything else in his life and that often shreds the Amsterdam streets just by himself. There are some Rollerbladers in our industry that are known worldwide for their extraordinary talent although they have never won an international contest title. Edwin Wieringh has been one of those people – at least until the weekend of June 11th 2011 when he took the Chaz Sands Invite 2011 Amateur comp. When we got the results from our local media team there was a big "Halleluja!" going on in the office. It was just a matter of time that Edwin would win an international recognized contest. We thought that's reason enough to catch up with the Dutch super dude. Curtains up for Edwin "from hell" Wieringh.

Dutch Rollerblading Champion crowned in ‘s-Hertogenbosch

Last Saturday the third and final round of the Dutch Championship series took place. The best Dutch riders were present to compete for the final points. The win in the junior's division took Tasheed Zaalman from Rotterdam and the senior title was taken by Dick Heerkens from Amsterdam. Although both were in the top of the ranking before the final round already, it was still a round full of excitement.

A small session with Hans Hardonk

Check out Amsterdams Nr.1 Tour Guide, Hans Hardonk aka Hans Hockey, rip the Olympiaplein skatepark in Amsterdam with his signature steez. Filmed and Edited by Bas Marijnen.