Winterclash Pictures by Dennis Evers

Dennis was kind enough tho share his Winterclash experience with us. He chilled with Montre, Shima, Killgore and a few others in Amsterdam and then documented the event in Eindhoven.

Exclusive: Giorgio Oehlers Interview by Dominic Swagemakers

I know Giorgio for quite a long time now. In all those times we experienced some perfect skate sessions, road trips, vacations and parties. He is a good filmer and editor and also produces his own music. Everything in the Rollerdam online rollerblading videos was done by the man himself! Lately he has been doing quite well with his music. It's really nice to see all the time and effort he put in now starts to pay off. Giorgio skates the same as the relaxed vibes from his beats – relaxed and with much ease. It's always nice to see him rollerblade. Take some time to read the interview and see that, after more than 10 years in the game, Giorgio still loves rollerblading and everything that comes with it! 

Winterclash News: X-mini Last Man Standing Competition on Friday 11th

Crash test at the Winterclash? Five people standing around a bowl, drinking a cup of beer, who finishes first, drops in first… Five people inside a bowl at the same time and the winner is the “Last Man Standing”. This game got invented by the guys behind the IMYTA+ and the rest of the Amsterdam locals in 2006 and we are proud continuing with it in 2011. The “X-mini Last Man Standing” will definitely be one of the highlights at this year’s Winterclash and for sure an unforgettable side event for everybody.

Rollerblade AM Tour through the Netherlands

»We woke up early and drove to Rotterdam Skateland. I spoke with the owners of the park and they were willing to let us skate the park before it opened. Which was cool because we had the whole park on our own for 7 skaters. Dick Heerkens and Adil Farhouni also joined the session.«

VALO4Life – Trailer

In 2003, rollerblading legend Jon Julio started the Valo Brand. Since then, Valo has become a leading skate manufacturer and celebrated brand among a...

Checking in with Nick Lomax

Over the past couple years Nick Lomax has become a strong pillar in the global rolling scene. Since he took the IMYTA 2006 in Amsterdam (sharing the first place with Benny Harmanus) his career has taken an unique way and has brought him all over the globe to roll and represent his skills. Recently he got his first USD-PRO and own Undercover Signature wheel. Now it's time to - at least - have a short interview with Nick to find out what's up with im and why the heck he currently has a pin in his jaw...Read on!

Up and comers: Timmy Van Rixtel

Timmy v. Rixtel aka Timmy Vanilli aka TV - sounds like a stage name. At first sight Timmy looks like a guy that is into Dutch hiphop and that doesn't care much about stuff. But Timmy is kinda special. Read on.

Pascal Tan – One Minute One Spot

If you've ever skated in Amsterdam you have probably met Pascal. He's been one of the key elements in the cities inline community for a few years now, recently he has been stepping his game up by joining the Razors Flow team.

AORTA – Trailer and Premiere

AORTA Trailer and Premiere This film by Marnix Haak shows the never ending passion and motivation for skating throughout the years of these dutch...

Aorta Video Trailer

AORTA has been in the making for two years now , filming in Amsterdam , Barcelona , Enschede , Rotterdam and other spots. The film features three in depth profiles on Eric van Boven, Joery van de Pol and Martin van Drunen , three of the best rollerbladers Holland has to offer.

Guillaume Le Gentil: 1 Minute, 1 Spot

Guillaume Le Gentil , what’s in a name. This guy is not only named ‘ nice’ in French , he brings a more than nice bag of tricks to the table. Skating fast is the main ingredient. We filmed his ‘ One Minute...’ in about 30-35 minutes , on one of Amsterdams slipperiest curbs , in Osdorp. And besides handeling his business nicely he’s a pretty nice guy too.

Adam Zurawiecki interview

If you think of Rollerblading in Poland you might think of two things at least: Hedonskate and Adam Zurawiecki. Adam is a strong pillar in the Polish skate scene. If you look up his name on youtube, you will find a dozen edits that kicks ass. After a decade of hard skating Adam is still stepping up the game - not only with his skating, but also with his never ending dedication to the sport and some interesting ideas that will make Rollerblading look good and strong. For his Be-Mag interview Adam didn't come up with the normal street skate and interview shots. That's not his nature. instead, he was looking for some extraordinary stuff.

Dick Heerkens: One Minute, One Spot

This spot is located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, near Amtel station. This rail is quite new in Amsterdam. Because there is not much footage from this rail, I decided to film my One Minute One Spot at this spot. There is a little gap between both rails, which makes the rail even more exciting/technical to skate. I'm sure you're gonna see more footage from this spot in the near future, becaus it's one of the best rails we have in Amsterdam!

Dick Heerkens on Dutch TV

Amsterdam shredder Dick Heerkens recently had a shooting with a Dutch TV station that is focussed on extreme sports. Dick introduced Geraldine (the presenter) and all viewers into the world of Rollerblading. And of course hammered out some sweet tricks - also at one of the former IMYTA spots. Great job, Dick. Keep representing rollerblading!