Wake Schepman: Drawing Lines

Wake Schepman isn't the future of skating he is the now. I've seen him mature over the last 3 years into one of the best up and coming bladers in our industry. Not only does his skills go beyond most skaters years older, he has the marketability and personality of a true professional. This will be obvious very soon to the masses if it isn't already.

Jeremy Soderburg: Drawing Lines

Wether it be his immaculate shoe collection, distinct style of blading or his persistent attitude to be on his game, Jeremy truly keeps it clean and professional. With an undeniable love for rollerblading and no sign of slowing down – yet the opposite with his move up to AM on undercover wheels – you can count on catching more and more of this dude shredding. So keep your eyes peeled.

World Rolling Series Television Pilot Public Release + Daniel Kinney Interview

There are no solutions in rollerblading because rollerblading does not need fixed. Rollerblading is pretty bad ass the way it is. However, there are some things that could be better. This television pilot, WRS, BCSD and numerous other projects are merely efforts to make things better, not solutions. Specifically, this television pilot was an effort to see competitive rollerblading on television again. In some ways it failed and in other ways it was completely successful. Please read below to learn the full story.

Northern Corn – A short story by Anders Carlson-Wee

Welcome to the midwest. Witness the endless spread of corn. The tilled earth reborn. You are now traveling through a story about rollerblading – a story about what it’s like to be a rollerblader in a small town, about the bonds between bladers, about the confusion of growing up, about really bad skate spots. You are entering another dimension. That’s the sign post up ahead...

Piotrek Combrznski Interview + Exclusive “Sky Is The Limit” Preview

There are few bladers from Poland that are known internationally – Piotrek Combrzynski is one of them. Super humble and quiet as a person yet a beast as a rollerblader. As a teenager he polished his skills at many skateparks in Europe just to bring them to the street now and amaze us with his solid style, confidence and consistency. Piotrek is one of those people who makes session really fun and amusing, he will always come to you after you land anything and give you props! After a long brake in 2010 caused by the collar injury, Piotrek made a smooth come back with his Bristol edit (made by Canislatrans) and now, thanks to Be-mag, you will have a chance to get more insight into Piotrek's past, present and future!

Rollinz 2011 Contest Report

There are only a few rollerblading competitions in Austria. The Rollinz is by far the biggest of them all and gives rollerbladers all over the country the opportunity to meet and of course to battle each other in the nicest skatepark Austria has to offer. Rollinz 2011 went down on the 5th of March this year and the event lived up to everyones expectations and beyond!

Scene Report: Puerto Rico

Whenever you think of Puerto Rico, I‘m pretty sure that the top three things that pop into your mind are beautiful women, beautiful beaches and rum. But there is a lot more to it. We Puerto Ricans have a lot of pride and always try to do our best in everything we do, and rollerblading is no exception to this. Our skating scene may not be the biggest but I‘m very proud to be part of it.

Company Profile: Kaltik Hardware

Kaltik has been going strong for many years now with the UK and Ireland being its main markets. As of recent, Kaltik created a lot of buzz within the community by releasing their latest product the "Stealth Flat Frames", a frame with an uniquely shaped h-block to allow for a new experience in flat skating. Be-Mag sat down with company owner Conor Manweiler to discuss his approach with Kaltik, his views on the industry, product developement as well as Kaltiks new flat frames that have just hit the shops.

BuddyTour 2010

What follows is excerpts from a 30 page essay I wrote about Ian's and my mini-tour in December 2010. I've excluded some important, memorable events for brevity's sake involving Toy Story 3, a penis-obsessed Olympic athlete, Mike Lilly, and somebody pepper-spraying a sandwich. It is partly about rollerblading, but mostly a journal I kept while I was traveling. There are a few manipulations of time, but nothing drastic. Some paragraphs were literally copied and pasted out of context so it's not the most cohesive, fluent writing style. Deal with it.

One Minute One Spot: Charles Alexandre Nantel

I remember when I first met Charles like 13 or 14 years ago. We got along right away. Since then he has always been one of my favourite dudes to skate with. Mr Nantels skating is raw, filled with style and creative. His passion for everything he does is contagious.

Interview with Miguel Ramos

Miguel is one of the most incredible people I know. His heart is as big as the universe. As good as it gets! His skating has been incredibly good since I can remember. Miguel have been skating for 17 years without stopping! One of the few. He has done so much for the blading community in Puerto Rico, that I dont even know how to be grateful but to tell you that he is one of the best bladers out there that can make a difference in the world. Good people like him is hard to find. If there aren't people like him I dont think there would be a skating scene in Puerto Rico. For years he has been the organizer of multiple events and competitions that keep the blading community in PR united and motivated to keep on rolling. If someone in Puerto Rico needs to be recognize in the blading community, definitely, has to be Miguel Ramos.

Checking in with Jojo Jacobi

Six months ago the world of Rollerblading gathered in Berlin as Jojo called for the Winterclash 2010. This event was bigger, louder and more spectacular than all previous Winterclashs and Rollerblading contests. But while Jojo organized one of the biggest Rollerblading events to date, it somehow went quiet around his own person after the event. That's why Be-Mag checked in with Jojo to find out what's going on.

Mirek Ragan (Hedonskate founder and owner) in the focus

1996/99 – The peek of rollerblading popularity in Poland. Without cellphones, internet and the Be-Mag messageboard, every rail in the city was occupied by random group of bladers, who were just class mates or friends from the hood. Local TV stations broadcasted various rollerblading footage and when you wanted to know what's up with the industry you could just picked up a magazine from a newstand - polish ones as well as foreign ones like Daily Bread or Box.

Nick Wood, Damien Wilson, Joey Chase and more: One Minute, One Spot

Three years ago, us boys in Santee got pissed that all the good rails around here were capped, and we sucked at hand rails, so we asked our sponsors to help us build a training ground. 4X4, M1, and Remz contributed to us along with our own money to build a practice rail in Damien's yard. Since then we've been having regular legendary BBQ's and sessions like this one shown were we skate the rail and have good ole American fun. This weekend Damien, Rob, Joey and Sammy Chase and me (Nick Wood) got down like we always do all summer long. When I started seeing the "One Minute One Spot" edits I thought that our weekly BBQ's were perfect for that forum. If the Internet homo's want to bust my ball's about doing a Two minute edit they can do the math and see there is 58 seconds of skating, so suck it from Santee.

South Africa Scene report

Be-Mag is a global rolling magazine. Since the foundation of Be-Mag back in 1996 we have been striving to show you the different rolling scenes all around the world - no matter how big or how small they are. It's our goal to show you how Rollerblading survived, ascended or developed in different parts of this world. Here we start our first Scene report with the guys from South Africa. Their scene might be small, but their unique dedication to the sport make them bigger than they appear.

Edwin Wieringh Razors podcast

As most of you might have noticed the Dutch soccer team advanced to the FIFA World Cup Final. If there is a World Cup in Rollerblading we are sure Edwin would make it to the final as well. This edit is just another testimony for this.

Check in with CJ Wellsmore

We are excited to present you this quick check in with Australian powerhouse CJ Wellsmore. Cj has been travelling through Europe the last three weeks racking up cups and medals at some of Europe's biggest competitions and just shredding up Europe like almost no one else before him. Find out how CJ has experienced his time in Europe.

Soccer time is a great time

The FIFA 2010 World Cup in South Africa is coming up pretty soon! In soccer - as well as in rollerblading - the support of fans and the crowd is very important. You know it. By watching comps like the WInterclash and BCSD you have seen the crowd going wild. For a soccer team the supporting crowd is often labelled as the 12th man on the court. That's why Mercedes Benz and the DFB (German Soccer Association) started a project, entitled "Der 4. Stern für Deutschland", which is adressed to all fans in Germany.