Estonian Championships 2010

"Estonian Open Aggressive Inline Championships 2010" takes place on 5th of June at Tallinn Song Festival Grounds skatepark. Competition starts at 13.00 (1pm). Competition is free for spectators. Registration fee for competitors 50 EEK/3.5 EUR. Helmet is required!

WRS/ AIL Promo

Here we go with an amazing WRS/ AIL Promo. This Promo edit reflects where the industry and the people behind these institutions want us to go! Lean back and get entertained!

In-The-Know with Robert Guerrero

Robert Guerrero is a supporting pillar in our sport. Almost every Rollerblader out there might have come across his name. In our latest print issue Rob was spotlighted with a big interview. But this was obviously not enough. Our readers still had a lot of questions and interest for this Rollerblading icon that has enriched our sport in so many and different ways! Read on.

Brampton Comp 4

Bramptom Comp 4 is a Canadian event that allows bladers to compete against one another for prizes, fame and glory. This year Brampton Comp has been enrolled in the World Rolling Series as a level 1 event, and the top 10 riders in Pro will receive WRS points

Australian Rolling Open 2010

The Australian Rolling Open 2010 (WRS 3-Star event) will take place this upcoming saturday, April 17th 2010, in Adelaide (South Australia).For more...

Todd McInerney Interview

If you really think about it, rollerblades are silly. But thankfully there are people who discover a piece of their spirit in these wheeled boots... and they get hooked. Rollerblading is lucky that Todd got hooked (and so am I). Although it's difficult to pinpoint what sparked Todd's lifelong interest in skating, I've often had a theory that rollerblading gave Todd something that he couldn't find anywhere else. There's nothing silly about that...

Street Artist Interview With Adam Johnson

Street Artist has become a force to be reckoned with since they popped onto the scene not too long ago. Be-Mag's Michael Bayr caught up with Adam Johnson to get the scoop on Street Artists' history and where they're headed.

Gladiator contest V / WRS***

Last weekend (on March 20th and 21th) the infamous Gladiator contest took place in Nantes (Le Hangar Skatepark). This contest was given a 3-star...

Checking In With Tom Hyser

Legend Tom Hyser has shaped rollerblading in many ways, from his pro days to his work with K2, to Skatepile, and most recently in his current role with Rollerblade. Troy Sanders just checked in with Tom to see how life is treating him these days...

Bitter Cold Showdown 2010

The Bitter Cold Showdown started in 2001 at Blindside Sports in Elkhart, IN as a small rollerblading video premiere, contest and trade show. It has grown to become one of the largest gatherings in the world for the rollerblading community. Our goals since the beginning was to develop an event that was self-sustained by its sponsors and allowed everyone attending access to all activities. Currently, the trade show pays for all costs surrounding the event, which allows 100% of admissions to be used as prize money. In 2009, 264 rollerbladers competed for the Bitter Cold Showdown title.

Chaz Sands Invite 2010

The Chaz Sands Invitational is back at Rampworx Skatepark for a second year. The worlds best pro skaters will come to Liverpool to battle it out at...


I've known artist JEREMY BEIGHTOL for probably about a decade now and can remember his artwork transitioning from early sketches to where he is today having not only launched KASPA, but having created many of the graphics for companies like Ground Control, 4x4 and, most recently, Psyko Clothing. In addition to his skating, more recently Jeremy has been back in the studio focusing on his artwork. His recent Pittsburgh show (along with Jesse Best) titled "SATAN IS REAL" was Jeremy's first big show and it was received very well! Jeremy was kind enough to give us this exclusive interview and pics from the opening night. Enjoy! -B