Beau Cottington: Bringing Back True Legends On Their Blades

Last month, Beau Cottington released his fabled OG Edit. It included contributed footage from 47 skaters around the world. It included legends from blading's infancy – many of whom are major parts of the industry – and those who may not put on their skates as much as they used to, but still enjoy it as much as Day 1.

Jojo Jacobi & Dirk Oelmann about Realstreet Berlin 2012

Be-Mag checked in with Jojo Jacobi and Dirk Oelmann who are bringing back a Realstreet Event to Germany's capital. The timing seems right. Europe's best bladers will make it to Berlin to battle it out for the crown. And as you might expect Jojo brings in a few high-level people from the States!

Competition Report: Victorian Titles 2012

It was awesome to see so much interest in this year's Victorian Titles among what is a swelling scene in Oz, with people from every single state both in attendance as well as registered competitors, and have everyone catch up with one another over the weekend and meet and roll with fresh and familiar faces from all over the country.

Eugen Enin: Enin’s Recovery

German newcomer Eugen Enin was recently sidelined with an injury. Upon further review from a doctor, he found out that he had a tumor in his leg which needed to be operated on. Luckily for him, he's been treated and is back on the road to recovery. Take a look at some of the most recent clips he's captured exclusively for our Be-mag readers.

Company Profile: Skate Crazy Skate Shop

Seattles scene has been very unfortunate with the shutdown of Skatebarn last year. Recently, things are starting to look a lot better with the opening of a new shop in the area, ran by Stacy Schlutsmeyer. Check out this Company Profile of Skate Crazy Skate Shop out of Seattle, Washington!

Competition Report: Beat the Chump 4

If there is one thing I’m starting to realize in rollerblading, it’s that thirty is quickly becoming the new twenty. Last weekend in Bellevue, Washington, rollerbladers from all around the northwest US and southwest CA came out for the fourth installment of the Beat the Chump 4 contest, the Seattle-area park competition with a unique run-based format. Skaters take turns doing lines through the compact park until they stop, or fall. It’s a nice break from the common Jam Session format, which often proves dangerous in Bellevue Indoor.

Interview with Trevor Johnson on King Of Queens 2012

It is known, without question, that New York is one of the most celebrated and active scenes in rollerblading. It has produced a plethora of companies, talented skaters, and competitions that have left a major impact on the rollerblading community. Competitions, in particular, are the one catalyst that I believe really brings people out and draws the blade community closer together people come out to show what they've got and, at times, unconsciously, to support each other, which in turn, unifies the scene as a whole. Young guns and old timers, all age ranges, colors and creeds come out, all for the love of rollerblading. So when I heard that Trevor Johnson was putting together a new street competition in Queens, I was inclined to ask him a few questions and help spread the word. I sat down with Trevor to talk about the need for another street competition, how he got the idea, who he's working with, and more, all resulting in a testament to the fact that New York truly is one of the greatest scenes in the world.

Competition Report: Asian X-Games 2012 in China

When your with a group of guys as diverse as the ones I had the pleasure of spending the week with, it’s not just the stories you create that stick with you, but the one’s you hear as well. The 2012 Asian X Games showcase everything that is right in the world of Rollerblading, entwined with fake Scotch and a podium payout that park skating hasn’t seen in a while.

Remy Cadier: 35 Years and still Rolling strong!

When you speak of rollerblading, Amsterdam, or a combination of both, there is one person and one person only who embodies these exact things, Remy Cadier. I have known him for years now, but I still can't tell you which of his two passions he would choose if he had to, but it might not be his girlfriend. Mr. Cadier turned 35 years of age today. The Ajax fanboy without an Ajax season ticket symbolizes persistence, loving what you do and putting in blood, sweat and tears, something we all know and live as rollerbladers.

In the Know: CJ Wellsmore

Although relatively new to the spotlight, CJ has had wheels under his feet since the beginning, and has been competing internationally for over a decade. Starting at such a young age and skating in the shadows of Australian legends like Cesar Mora and Matt Salerno has left CJ with an unmistakable natural style for skating, especially on transition. Since returning to his blades in 2005 – after a short break for beach lifestyle – in just a few years, CJ has refined his skills and established himself as one of the worlds top bladers. CJ's skills on the blades are undeniable, even to the outsider's eye, but what makes his skating even more enjoyable to watch is the fact you can tell how much he loves it. CJ still has the same passion for skating as he did when he first started, which I think is what's needed to inspire the next generation of skaters.

Taryf’s ‘TIME’: A Review by Freddy White

A couple of weeks ago we were sent a DVD with the sounding name 'TIME'. Return address was somewhere in France. Unprejudiced as we truly are we popped the video in and... were really impressed. 'TIME' is not only put together really well, it also showcases French blading in a way that got us juiced for more. We recommend this DVD to anyone, but especially to the folks out there that rely on the mistaken interpretation that the French are all about spin to win.

Cavin Brinkman on his Film ‘The Breakfast Club’ + Official Trailer

'The Breakfast Club' is the newest video project out of the Netherlands, aka Holland, or for some people just Amsterdam! That is precisely where the maker of this project is from. We are speaking of Cavin Brinkmann, supported by his sidekick, the no less infamous dog Bobby! Cavin is the dude that you see dancing in those crazy Dutch edits. Do not get the wrong idea though, Cavin is a guy that puts all his energy into what he does. Living in Amsterdam has not made him a drug addict that would abandon skating for a high – skating and filming skating is his high!

Tobias Holden: Roller Warehouse

In the process of filming for 'In Motion' and 'Cornbread' I've accumulated some clips just for Roller Warehouse. I love RW and the guys who work there really care about blading. I started with 14 minutes of raw footage. This is the best 2:23. I also added some photos Megan took when we were filming. Enjoy! -Tobias Holden