Chaz Invite: Friday

Everyone is arriving. The Remz team is in the building, despite CJ's 30 hour flight around a volcano, they are all a bit delicate this afternoon after experiencing the Liverpool nightlife.

Yuckem and Woodster Florida Tour part 4 of 6: V-town Skateshop Fort Myers

Some days ago, as I was planning this Florida tour and putting the flyer together with the city of Naples scheduled, the phone suddently rings: Grant Hinkle, an old friend whom I had first met in Tallahassee in 2003 during the very first Remz Tour (which was also the very first daily updated tour by the way..), calls out of the blue with some really good news: Not only was the skatepark of Fort Myers now under new YMCA management (the city was about to basically tear it down) but he also got himself a job there managing the place.

Panhandle Pow-Wow 2010

Described as "controlled chaos," this year's Panhandle Pow-Wow once again went down in the history books... Check out Troy Sander's version of what went down!

NILS JANSONS – monsterpark

You know Nils Jansons? That young kid (sponsored by Remz) from Lativa destroying spots left and right. If you don't know him what we doubt, then...

Joey’s Freedom of Feet

Joey McGarry got his new Remz Skates the other day, fought the inner couch potato and met up with his buddy Todd to have a sweet sesh. Yeah...

VLC Open 2010

On May 29th 2010 there will be a huge Rollerblading contest in Valencia. The VLC Freestyle skating club, together with more than 20 sponsors,...

Montreal: Boutique Lylac and the Guillaume Roy Interview

We're always searching for articles to showcase the contributions that people are making for the rollerblading industry from the grassroots level. There are so many people offering so much to the industry who go unnoticed or do not get nearly as much attention as they deserve. These people are the ones responsible for spreading rollerblading to new generations and maintaining the involvement of those already participating while creating a strong network allowing the industry to be more than just a temporary flash in the “extreme sports” timeline. Here is the story of Botique Lylac, The Montreal Classic, Nimh VS Canadian Customs, The Taz Project, and Mathieu Ledoux...

New Zealand: Jamie Nicholson

You haven't heard much about New Zealand Rollerblading so far? That will change now. New Zealand's finest Jamie Nicholson comes up with a rad edit showing his extraordinary street skating talents. Expect to see even more of him in 2010!

Chris Haffey Cali Tour part 1

"We just couldn't stop after the good times on our last Euro tour after the Clash, too much fun with everyone all throughout Germany, Holland, Belgium and France. So here we are, back home after Bittercold, deciding to tour our own backyard: Cali!" - Kato

Up-And-Comers: Josh Glowicki Profile

Photographer Dale Travers recently traveled to the States and not only shot the photos for this piece with Josh Glowicki, but handled the interview as well. So enjoy this interview + edit + photos of one of Dallas, Texas' big up-and-comers, Josh Glowicki!

Chris Haffey 2.0 Skates

Remz just released their latest master piece, the Chris Haffey 2.0 Skates! Here is the official press release from Remz. After 3 years of testing...